Update 8.1 brings the remastering of the Sanhok map with several improvements based on community feedback

THE PUBG Corporation, a pioneer in the battle royale genre, announces that update 8.1 of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is now available to PC players via Steam. Season 8 will arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Google Stadia on July 30th. In addition to the remastering of the Sanhok map, the update brings several new features such as a Loot Truck and the new season of Ranked Mode, which also gained adjustments.

When exploring Sanhok, players will notice several changes to the map, all based on feedback from the PUBG community. Areas like Bootcamp, Quarry, Airfield, Docks (now Getaway), Ruins, Mountain, Cave, River and Bahn are different, offering players new tactical opportunities. Pai Nan, Khoo, Sahmee and Kampong were also redesigned.

See the before and after Sanhok, which arrives remastered at PUBG:

Bootcamp has been completely redesigned with wider fields of view for long-distance combat and underground areas
Quarry returns with larger stone blocks offering more coverage, in addition to rope-suspended bridges that provide more travel options.
Airfield is the new aviation field. Players who land there will have a chance to find the Glider
Getaway (formerly Docks) was redone from scratch, before the place was not so attractive due to the lack of good items, now things have changed
Ruins has been redesigned to turn into a lethal maze, but rewarding to players looking for items
Mountain brought more options for hiding during striking and more chances for those below to climb the spot
Cave, a scary place with an underground temple that longs to be explored, if you survive…
Pai Nan / Khao / Sahmee / Kampong, perfect places to fight due to the new Item Truck that will pass through each city
River, with more options to cross than by water. Guards have been added to the bridge in case there is a shot switch on site
Bahn, a place all over again, much easier to get items and defend yourself from your enemies.

PUBG recently received Ranked Mode, which created a global ranking of players from around the world, and this function was further improved in update 8.1 based on community feedback. Before taking into account only the individual performance of the players, Ranked Mode now considers the performance of the entire team. E Players who eliminate opponents with a ranking much higher than yours earn a PR bonus, and the greater the difference in ranking, the greater the bonus.

To learn all about the changes in update 8.1, see the update notes, or access the official site.

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