PUBG | Update brings emotes, friends list and more.

As promised Battlegrounds now has emotes, achievements in Steam and a list of friends in the game. Revealed today, PC update # 7 from PUBG is available. Below is the full patch note:

PC 1.0 Update # 7 has been released on live game servers. Log in and check out the new features:
– Emotes
– PUBG Friends List
– 37 Steam Achievements
– Bug fixes, updates, and more

Patch notes:

PUBG |  Update brings emotes, friends list and more


PC players, in this update we will implement several optimizations in the game and on the servers. We have significantly reduced cases of high latency and stuttering. In situations where players are pushed to the same location, as is the case in the second half of matches or in intense battles. This optimization will allow players to enjoy the most fluid Battle Royale experience ever.

PUBG |  Update brings emotes, friends list and more

In addition, as promised, we will introduce a new game mechanic – bullet penetration into the player’s limbs and vehicles. Unfortunately, we were forced to change our plans regarding this new mechanic but we will keep players informed shortly.

Regarding today’s update, you can read the details below. Please leave your feedback in the forum. As soon as the trial version proves stable, we plan to implement it on official servers later in the week. We will announce more details about this update and the official servers soon.

PUBG |  Update brings emotes, friends list and more

Game Optimization

  • Reduced input lag for player actions
  • The frame drops problem caused by loading the map has been substantially reduced
  • Buildings on the Erangel map have been optimized by decreasing the GPU workload
  • Optimization of various visual effects in the game
  • Vehicle physics has been improved for certain speeds

Optimization of Servers

PUBG |  Update brings emotes, friends list and more
  • The performance of the server network has been improved
  • Vehicle physics has been improved for certain speeds


  • PUBG friends list has been added
    • Up to 50 people can be added
    • Players with PUBG accounts can search and add friends regardless of platform (Steam, and DMM)
      • The friends list works on a follower system, there is no need to accept invitations between players
      • The PUBG friends list is independent of the Steam friends list. You don’t have to be a friend on Steam to be a friend on PUBG
    • You can see a list of up to 30 players you recently played with in Squads / Duo (RECENT)
  • Voice Chat has been added to the main menu
    • You can now use voice chat with the other team players still in the main menu
    • When voice chat is used, a symbol will appear on the right side of the player’s name


  • In the Miramar map, in some taller buildings, holes were placed in the ceiling and in the floors of the floors to make it easier to move between floors and thus improve gameplay.


PUBG |  Update brings emotes, friends list and more
  • 37 PUBG exploits (achievements) were added on Steam
  • An emote system has been added
    • 12 emotes were introduced in the game (in the future we will add more emotes)
    • By holding down the emotes key (the default is ~), you can activate the emote with the left mouse button or by clicking the predefined emote key
  • The blue blood effect has been adjusted to have the same visibility as the red blood effect
  • Surfaces for crops, rubber, fabric, paper and cactus have been added
    • When the player fires or hits, with a melee weapon, each of these surfaces, the return will be appropriately applied differently
  • Weapon scope has been adjusted to instill more realism
    • The scope’s field of view has been widened
    • The parallax effect is now applied when the player switches weapons
    • Various adjustments have been applied to the scope: color adjustments, darkening of the limits, chromatic aberration and distortion in the limits


  • 9 vehicle status symbols have been redesigned so that they are correctly displayed in 4K
  • When a vehicle loses a tire, the vehicle status now shows a red tire, not a cross


  • A sound effect for crops, rubber, fabric, paper and cactus has been added


PUBG |  Update brings emotes, friends list and more
  • Fixed a bug that made the square boundary of the ocean visible during the plane ride
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to die instantly when using the vaulting system
  • A number of problems related to the vaulting system have been significantly reduced such as: the player getting stuck, dying in the process or being able to see through walls
  • Fixed some text descriptions of the interface
  • The character’s problematic animations have been improved when the player tries to apply various actions without a sequence
  • Some cosmetic items have been adjusted to prevent problems between different layers of clothing
  • Adjusted the location of some items so that they are not in places that the player cannot access
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from setting the mouse sensitivity to 59
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to move quickly while lying down by using a few keystrokes
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly transmitted various step sound effects in FPP mode
  • The situations where the three-seater suddenly overturned with the instability of the servers were significantly reduced
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to slow down when changing seats on the three-seat motorcycle during a jump
  • Fixed a bug that caused bullet penetration under water to stop working
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from canceling the process of adding fuel to the vehicle
  • Fixed a bug that caused the grenades, despite having already exploded in the air, to make sounds of falling into the ground
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes let a dropped player drive a vehicle
  • Improvements have been made to prevent the vehicle from becoming invisible or that the player and his perspective are misaligned
  • Fixed an issue with a player’s new accounts that did not appear on the main menu when forming a team
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player’s shadows to be too defined regardless of the distance
  • Fixed an issue where the player, when jumping from the plane, would end up falling at a fixed location regardless of the direction taken when falling
  • Fixed a bug in which the player, when using ADS with scope, noticed a visual delay on the outer parts of the weapon
  • Fixed an issue where the scope 8x zoom returned to its initial value when switching to the secondary weapon
  • Fixed an issue with the item quantity adjustment window that appeared automatically when the player tried to pick up or drop items in the inventory menu
  • Fixed an issue with the breath meter that was sometimes not correct when the player enters and exits the water