PUBG | Update that brings crossplay on consoles already available on the test server.

The console version of PUBG received update 4.3 on the test servers. This testing phase is one of the best moments for you to participate in the game, the long awaited matches between platforms will be tested.

In addition, the update features the new survival-based progress system called Survival Skill, the new DBS shotgun and, of course, several experience improvements and bug fixes.

PUBG | Update that brings crossplay on consoles already available on the test server

PTS timeline:

Brasilia Time: September 25th, 11 pm

PUBG | Update that brings crossplay on consoles already available on the test server

PDT / CEST: September 25th, at 19h / September 26th, at 4h

Game Server Maintenance Schedule:

PUBG | Update that brings crossplay on consoles already available on the test server

Brasilia Time: October 1, from 2 am to 8 am

PDT / CEST: From September 30, at 10 pm, until October 1, at 4 am / October 1, from 7 am to 1 pm

PUBG | Update that brings crossplay on consoles already available on the test server

What is the PTS (Public Test Server)?

The PTS (Public Test Server) is a separate server, available free of charge to those who have already purchased PUBG. The purpose of this test server is not only to give a taste of the features that are coming, but also to find errors and bugs to fix as quickly as possible. To participate in the tests, you only need to have a copy of PUBG.

No player data, statistics, etc. from the PUBG test server will be transferred to your game server account.

PUBG | Update that brings crossplay on consoles already available on the test server

No Xbox:

Search and download “PUBG – Public Test Server” from the Microsoft Store or from the “My Games and Apps” menu.

No PS4:

PUBG | Update that brings crossplay on consoles already available on the test server

Look for “PUBG – Public Test Server” in the “Purchased” area of ​​your Library.


Cross-platform games

  • With Interplatform Matches, a player can form a match with a player from another console platform.
    • It is currently not possible to form groups with players from different platforms.
    • We plan to develop the option for cross-platform groups and will provide more details in the future.

Interplatform Matches can be enabled or disabled in “Settings – Gameplay – General Settings”.

  • If, with Interplatform Matches disabled, a match is not found after a certain period, players will be offered the option to “activate” Interplatform Matches.

Platform identification icon

  • Players on the same platform will have the platform logo displayed in front of the ID when playing with “enabled” Interplatform Matches.
  • Players will be able to identify other users’ platforms in the cashout box when they are watching a game, in the user’s status message, etc.


  • The ranking will be displayed differently, depending on how the Interplatform Matches option is.
    • If enabled: Leaderboard will display PS4 and Xbox One players
    • If disabled: Ranking will only display players from the same platform

4th Season of  the  Survival Title System

  • Season 4 of the Survival Title System has arrived with new rewards!
    • Season 4 of the Survival Title System begins as soon as Console 4.3 Update starts on the game server.
    • Survival Points (PS) earned in the previous season will be transferred.
    • Players who have won more than 1,970 PS will receive an extra 1,000 PS. Players with less than 1,970 PS remain with this number.
    • We greatly increased the PS gain in Erangel, Miramar and Vikendi, to balance the amount gained on maps of similar duration.

New Feature: Survival Skill

“Develop your not-so-murderous instincts.”

PUBG | Update that brings crossplay on consoles already available on the test server

We are fortunate to introduce the Survival Skill system, where players can develop their less lethal aspects by playing PUBG. This is in addition to the Weapon Skill, which allows players to hone their skills and express their own personality on the battlefield with new rewards in PUBG ID.

  • Survival Skill is a new progress system, in which players level up for EXP based on survival patterns.
  • The system works all the time and is not affected by the seasons. The level limit for the Survival Skill is 500.
  • Players can obtain EXP in the following situations:
    • Looting
    • Using items during combat
    • In combat
    • Reliving a teammate

The timeline system displays a recap of all survival actions taken in a match

  • Players can check survival actions taken in the previous match in a timeline sequence from the Skill> Last Match tab.
  • The activities below will be displayed on the timeline, along with other activities that grant EXP:
    • Landing point
    • Place where players perform certain actions
    • Damage caused and received
    • Distance traveled using vehicles
    • Blue Zone Phase Survival

Survival style that shows players’ style

PUBG | Update that brings crossplay on consoles already available on the test server

In the Skill> Survival tab, players can check their own recent survival style based on the analysis of all players’ data.

  • Survival Style manages to trace your recent style by analyzing data from all players in PUBG. It includes the following information:
    • Average Fight Duration
    • Average Fighting Distance
    • Items Picked Per Game
    • Distance traveled per game
    • Frequency of Falls in Populated Areas
    • Damage suffered per game
  • The 3 most notable features among these will be displayed.

Players can express themselves through PUBG ID

    • New reward system where players can express themselves and show their progress.
    • This includes the Survival Skill level, Player ID, Badge, Background and Pose. Players can check out complete information or recap.
    • Players can check and change by going to the Skill> Survival tab.
    • Players can check another player’s PUBG ID in the following situation:
      • Teammate from previous match
      • Player you killed and player you killed
    • Emblems
      • For every 10 levels (5, 15, 25 …), players are rewarded with an emblem.
      • Players can express their identities with various emblems on the PUBG ID.
    • Background
      • For every 10 levels (10, 20, 30…), players are rewarded with a fund.
      • Players can express their identities with different backgrounds in the PUBG ID.
    • Poses
      • For every 100 levels (100, 200, 300…), players are rewarded with a pose.
      • The poses are the biggest rewards of the system. Players can change their pose in the Survivor tab and in the PUBG ID.
      • In the pose, the character wears the current costume.
        • Other visuals (vehicles and weapons), for now, do not appear in the pose.
      • BP rewards
        • Levels without a specific reward will give BP as a reward.

New Weapon: DBS “The DPS of this DBS is WOW!”

  • The DBS is a double-barreled pump-action shotgun that can only be obtained initially in Support Packs.
  • It has two internal charger tubes that allow the user to charge up to fourteen 12-gauge projectiles.
  • Thanks to this combined firing mechanism, DBS launches powerful bursts of damage in no time.
  • It includes the Holographic, Optronic, and 2x and 6x telescopic sights.
  • The maximum effective range for doing more damage with it is 100 m.

Survivor Pass: Consequences

  • The current season of the Survivor Pass and Survival Titles System will end on October 22nd (KST).
  • Starting on October 8, two weeks before the end of Consequences, we will display a message on the screen and a count on the Survivor Pass banner in the lobby to notify players of the end of the pass. A pop-up message will also be displayed to users who purchase the Premium Pass and Level Up Items to alert them that the end of the pass is near and confirm the purchase.
  • The Premium Pass and Level Up Items can be purchased until the end of the pass period.


“Two in the front, two in the back, and we never have to look back.”

  • Shotgun consistency improved
    • Increased probability of hit, especially within the medium range of the shotgun
    • Damage reduction with increased distance
    • Minimum projectile damage within effective range increased to 4 on all shotguns
      • Except for Cano Serrado, which has a minimum of 3 damage
      • All shotguns fire 9 projectiles per cartridge
    • Shotgun adjustments
      • All shotgun shells now have more realistic ballistic curves (reduced speed over time)
      • All shotguns had kickback effects updated
      • Damage multiplier changes
        • Head shot: From 1.5 to 1.2
        • Trunk: From 1.0 to 0.9
      • S686
        • Maximum effective range set to 80 m
        • Reload speed increased by 20%
      • S1897
        • Maximum effective range set to 80 m
        • Pump action speed increased by 20%
        • The aim will remain active for the player when triggering the bomb action
      • Sawed Pipe
        • Maximum effective range set to 80 m
        • Maximum range of increased probability set to 50 m
        • Number of projectiles fired increased to 9
        • Projectile damage reduced from 22 to 20
      • Duckbill accessory: Projectile propagation multiplier increased from 0.8 to 1.0
    • Updated weapon impact effects
      • The particle and decal effects are now more directional, allowing players to better understand which direction the shots are coming from
        • The size and characteristics of the effect depend on the surface hit and the class of the weapon fired
      • Improvements related to gameplay quality when using healing items and walking at the same time
        • Healing items can now be triggered during movement, reducing the player’s speed to walking while the item is used
          • Previously, it was possible to walk while using the healing item, however, to start healing, it was necessary to stop completely.
        • The Inclined Sight reticle and brightness have been adjusted, as well as the Optronic Sight.
        • Featured Map
          • The highlighted map has changed from Erangel to Sanhok.

The game mode selection interface has been changed.

  • Custom Match (ONLY ON XBOX)
    • We added the option to play in Erangel after Visual Update for custom matches.
    • The updated version will be classified as “Erangel” and the previous version, “Erangel Classic”.
    • All modes can be played in both versions.
  • Change in the automatic vehicle acceleration command
    • At the request of the community, the automatic vehicle acceleration command will be changed from (Double Tap) RT (Xbox) / R2 (PS4) to (Hold) RT (Xbox) / R2 (PS4) + (Right) directional.

Interface and Experience

  • Improvements in Lobby Navigation
  • The main lobby screen will change similarly to the PC.
    • Press LB, RB (Xbox) / L3, R3 (PS4) to navigate through the menu tab. Press LT, RT (Xbox) / L2, R2 (PS4) to navigate through the bottom tab.
    • Health bars will not be displayed in the in-game lobby in FPP modes.
  • ‘LOJA – MEUS ITEMS’ changed to ‘UTILITIES’.
  • We added a NEWS AND EVENTS banner
  • OPTIONS, CONTROL GUIDE and RESTART LOBBY have been moved to the System Menu.
  • The health bar will no longer be displayed in the lobby in First Person mode.


New items / skins can be purchased

  • G-Coin
    • WAKGOOD box – Set with 2 weapon skins
    • Pirate KIM Box – Set with 2 weapon skins
    • Halloween Items
      • Some items can be purchased by BP
      • Authentic Eastern Items
      • BP
        • 4 types of MADSY shoes

List items will no longer be available for purchase after upgrading

Items in the list will not be available for purchase after the update

  • Platform Item Name
    PS4 Glory – AKM
    PS4 Glory – UMP45
    PS4 Bright color set (Women)
    PS4 Bright color set (Male)
    Console Field Tennis
    Console Tactical Gloves
    Console Beret
    Console Digital Desert – P92
    Console Digital Desert – Win94
    Console Digital Desert – P18C
    Console Digital Desert – Sawed Pipe
    Console Deserto Digital – Micro UZI
    Console Cropped corset
    Console Combat Pants (coral)
    Console Retro Polo Shirt
    Console Canvas High Top Sneakers (pink)
    Console Chess Shirt (coral)
    Console Combat Gloves (khaki)
    Console Knitted Polo Shirt
    Console School Shoes (beige)
    Console Gold Plate – S12K
    Console Gold Plate – SKS
    Console Digital Desert – M416
    Console Digital Desert – Kar98k
    Console Digital Desert – Mini14
    Console Gold Plate – Sawed Pipe
    Console Gold Plate – Win94
    Console Robusta (orange) – SCAR-L
    Console Robust (orange) – M416
    Console Robusta (orange) – AKM
    Console Robusta (orange) – Kar98k
    Console Digital Desert – R45
    Console Robust (orange) – UMP945
    Console Rabbit Season Set
    Console Rabbit Season Hooded Coat
    Console Bunny Season Leggings
    Console High Season Sneakers of the Rabbit Season


  • We made visual improvements in shadows and also in rendering performance.
  • We fixed an error where the image could flicker or be blurry in certain situations.


  • Volume and attenuation of the adjusted steps.
  • Now the volume of step sounds will be drastically reduced when out of range of players’ hearing range.
  • The sound of footsteps in shallow water, like puddles, has been adjusted to make it more realistic.
  • We added a new song to the jukebox.
    • The new song will replace the previous song.
  • Different sound effects are reproduced when landing, depending on the type of surface material.
  • We reduced the volume of the straw mattress destruction sound.
  • We’ve made improvements to the edge grabbing sound effects.
  • Red Zone volume reduced.
  • For more information on sound improvement plans, access the following link: “Letter from the developers – Sound Improvement Plans”


  • (ONLY ON XBOX) Ukrainian language support
    • The Ukrainian language will no longer be available after the update.
    • Who plays with the Ukrainian language will have the settings reverted to English.

Known errors

  • An issue where the game mode, once set to “Quick Play”, changes to “Standard” on its own when you return to the lobby.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an error where the player is sent back to the lobby after the appearance of “losing connection with the host” during game loading.
  • We fixed an error that prevented the character from hearing footsteps when walking backwards against corners of objects.
  • Fixed a bug where the firing animation of the signal pistol is dimmed when the player is lying down.
  • We fixed an error where the damage from the grenade, on rare occasions, passed through objects.
  • Fixed an error where an incorrect death distance was displayed when a disconnected player was shot.
  • Fixed an issue where healing items were canceled if the Race button was pressed without the player moving.
  • Fixed an error where the UAZ wheels were not destroyed after being punched several times.
  • We fixed an error that caused skull icons to be displayed incorrectly on the minimap with the game in Simplified Chinese.
  • We fixed an error that created a light effect with excess brightness on the mirrors of motorcycles.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not damaged by punches received from other players in vehicles.
  • Fixed an error where parachutes were not displayed in Training Mode with a full backpack equipped.
  • Fixed an error that caused players to be removed from Training Mode when jumping over certain walls.
  • We fixed an error where a certain action caused BP values ​​and blue coupons to be reversed after an exchange.
  • We fixed an error that caused players to often enter the game alone in FPP mode in the NA region.
  • We fixed an error that made it difficult to read the “estimated time” during the organization and search for departure.
  • Fixed the weapon visual challenge mission preview screen interface.
  • Fixed an error where the size of the airplane icon on the map did not change when the map was zoomed in.
  • Fixed an issue where items inside player boxes were not arranged correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Punk Destruction Jacket, when worn, looked different from the item’s image.
  • Fixed an issue where a moving line appeared at the bottom of the screen when opening the inventory after using a smoke grenade.
  • We fixed an error that caused speed dials to stop working after disabling the radio messaging option.


  • Clothing and visuals of items exclusive to certain platforms will act differently. Depending on the clothing / look of the item, the changes are listed below.
    • Textures will be displayed differently on other platforms
    • Players from other platforms will not be able to wear / equip clothes / skins left on the floor.
    • Weapons with exclusive platform skins will not be able to equip these skins dropped on the ground.

PUBG | Update that brings crossplay on consoles already available on the test server