Public transport in games.

We like to complain about public transport. Somehow this also makes a lot of sense. The train is almost always late and if this is not the case, you will not be able to enjoy it because then your metro will stop. Tingle took a look at how this works in games. Maybe then we feel a lot better about our own situation.

The metro in GTA V

Los Santos isn’t exactly known for safety. You may even be de Sjaak in the metro. When Trevor (because it is always Trevor) is not in his mood, anything can happen. Maybe he’s trying to throw grenades inside or push the subway over with a truck. With a bit of bad luck, he steals a helicopter from the army base and starts blasting missiles. Fortunately, Trevor doesn’t understand that the subways are indestructible. So in that respect they are much better off in Los Santos than in Los Hollandos in terms of public transport: these metros will always keep going, never running late and never derail. These metros are hard to get small. It’s OVOV: indestructible public transport.

Public transport in games

Silt Striders in Morrowind

Certainly one of the most unique ways to get around. Relax on the back of a huge insect that moves at a high speed. Yet they are surprisingly comfortable and compact. By nature there is a hole in the shield of the Silt Striders. There travelers have enough space to store their luggage and sit themselves. You just have to dare, because these animals are about 18 meters tall. Rumor has it that they can also be used as war vehicles. Tamriel thus has its own AT-ATs.

Shy Guy’s express in Mario Party 8

I do feel sorry for all the passengers who try to travel quietly on the Shy Guy Express. If you sit there comfortably on the train, on your way to Delfino Island, you have four idiots running through your train continuously. There is not only skipping through the cabins, but also on the roof. That makes me a bit of a mess. And then just hope that nobody ends up on a question mark. Then suddenly Kamek comes to lift your cabin and dump you at the back of the train! Just take a few vomit bags with you.

Public transport in games

Bus in The Sims (specifically in Bustin Out because I played that a lot)

At first glance, the bus in The Sims seems like a blessing. He comes to your house every day especially so that all you have to do is walk out the front door with your lazy . Sounds ideal! Unfortunately nothing in life is perfect, not even in simulated life. That bus stops nicely in front of your door, but isn’t that a bit intrusive? If you don’t hurry, he will go to the horn too; quite anti-social! How does that jerk know where you live at all? By the way, consider that that bus will wait for you for an hour. If he does that everywhere you will never get to work on time ?! Three hours later and you are still not out of your street! Why not just take your own vehicle?

Crazy Taxi

A taxi sounds like a superior mode of transportation. You sit comfortably alone (except for the driver) and no one is bothering you (except possibly your driver). Just a leisurely ride to your destination … unless you’re in the backseat of a Crazy Taxi driver. These don’t care about traffic rules, directional traffic, speed limits, pedestrians, roads, gravity, physics, etc. Not to mention the horrible music and the over-enthusiastic guest who is yelling at you. You don’t know what he smoked, swallowed, or injected, but you fear for your life. It will be a ride that you will never forget in your life. Maybe from now on switch back to Uber.

Public transport in games