Pure Storage announces that it has joined the Google Cloud Anthos Ready Storage Initiative. Anthos by Google Cloud is an open hybrid and multi-cloud application platform that delivers development and operations expertise across cloud and on-premises environments. This move represents a new collaboration between the two companies following the announcement of the partnership. Integrations between Google Cloud’s open platform and Pure all-flash storage allow enterprises to invest in solutions to jump-start a multi-cloud strategy and enable a modern data experience.

Anthos Ready Storage Initiative: Pure is a qualified partner

As qualified partner of AnthosThe Pure Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver-based solution will enable customers to provide storage-as-a-service to their containerized applications on Google Anthos’ local platform.

“Tight integrations with cloud-native technologies that enable a seamless data management experience are a key requirement for continued innovation,” says Rob Walters, general manager of storage-as-a-service. “As enterprises explore and leverage modern application architectures with hybrid cloud mobility in mind, storage continues to be a critical component. Our partnership with Google Cloud gives customers peace of mind that they will continue to get the most value from their data with Pure.”

Anthos Ready Storage designates partner solutions qualified by Google Cloud to meet the requirements defined for the applicable solution categories. The Anthos Ready Storage Initiative is for enterprises that are optimized to work with Google Cloud’s Anthos by meeting the requirements for the applicable solution category. At the same time they are invited by Google Cloud to participate in the Anthos Ready Partner Initiative.

“Pure Storage offers innovative solutions for data archiving and management,” he says Rayn Veerubhotla, director of partnerships at Google Cloud. “We are delighted to recognize these Anthos-qualified solutions as part of our new Anthos Ready Storage Initiative and look forward to working with Pure Storage to drive customer success in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.”

Google Kubernetes Engine exploitable locally and in the cloud

The main computing environment for Anthos is based on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)which enables customers to leverage Kubernetes and cloud technology both in their data centers and in the cloud. Pure Service Orchestrator (PSO) integrates with container orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes, therefore customers can provide persistent storage support for containerized applications, upon request. Pure Service Orchestrator bundles multiple FlashArray and FlashBlade systems that support block- and file-based storage arrays under a CSI driver distribution, to allow intelligent placement of the volume into that pool.