Puyo Puyo Tetris – game review.

For some time now, I have appreciated productions that I can play with literally anyone. Regardless of the age, interest or skills of mastering the controller. One of such titles is Puyo Puyo Tetris, which immediately became a hit on the first days of summer holidays. Literally everyone will play this title, and the duels are full of laughter, nerves and satisfaction.

Puyo Puyo Tetris – game review

Puyo Puyo Tetris is, in simple terms, a large crossover, featuring the classic Pyuo Pyuo Tetris, for which Sonic Team is responsible. The rules of both productions are trivial, because in the first one we have to arrange the blocks in rows, and in the second we arrange the glutes into groups of at least four of the same colors. However, in this case, the basic stacking does not bring the intended effects, because the most important are powerful combos – in Tetris, taking the largest and as many rows as possible at the same time, and Pyuo Pyuo arrange the glutes in such a way that the ones colliding with the next.

A game for everyone

Although the rules of both games are extremely simple, you need to spend a good few hours to be able to catch the game and arrange the right sets without any problems. For some time now, we know perfectly well how to react, what we can do at the moment, but the story campaign is a great introduction to the game. Yes, Tetris in combination with Pyuo Pyuo received a story from the Sonic Team, which, however, is not overwhelming with its complexity and quality. I must admit that for some time I was jumping over the painted inserts just to go through the next stage, because there are a lot of them. The creators have prepared 10 chapters, and each has 10 stages. Simple math gives us 100 duels, which are basically a perfect … introduction to the game. The authors have extensive experience in the genre, so they saw that some players may need a proper tutorial not so much to learn the rules, but to master it at a very high level. For this reason, Story Mode in Puyo Puyo Tetris should rather be treated as an addition-guide …

Puyo Puyo Tetris – game review

Although this is not only a formality, because in the later stages the tasks can be exhausting, and each mission can be completed by earning three stars, and it is not a simple matter, because in the second “world” I ran into duels that showed me my place in row. Production teaches gameplay in an accessible way, so after the next challenges, I tried my hand at previous tasks several times and this time I was able to achieve better results. However, I must point out that the presentation of the plot itself fits perfectly into the world of production. During the events, we get to know colorful, colorful, and maybe even I am tempted to say “Japanese” characters that perfectly match the realities of the project. The heroes play a role in the other modes, and we can even unlock new ones.

A curiosity is also the fact that the game features typical “lessons”, i.e. a large mode explaining the basics. However, I am aware that getting to know the campaign well will allow interested parties to grasp the mechanisms that are necessary during duels.

Puyo Puyo Tetris – game review

Perfect struggle on one couch

The most important task of the campaign, however, is to teach us how to play in different modes, because Puyo Puyo Tetris offers duels of up to four players on a split screen, in which we can participate in five variants of the game.

Versus is a typical struggle in which the team has to arrange rows (Tetris) or create color groups (Puyo Puyo), and when they make the appropriate combinations, additional elements appear on the rival’s board – the clash ends when the opponent is no longer on the board space for new bricks. Fusion is a combination of Tetris and Puyo Puyo, in which blocks and slimes appear dynamically in the arena, and we have to control the situation on the screen – by default, we spoil the game for our opponents with good results. In Swap, on the other hand, each player has two screens and the game switches from Tetris to Puyo Puyo after the allotted time. In Party, the struggles are calmer, but during the course players can use special items, thanks to which, for example, we “turn off the light” on the opponent or make his blocks fall after a second – here we do not have to survive, but simply get the best result in allotted time. The last mode is Big Bang, in which already prepared elements appear on the boards, and our task is to add the “last brick”, thanks to which we can make a row in Tetris or prepare a great combo in Puyo Puyo. After a minute, the title attack takes place – the best player attacks the others and reduces their health bar. The match ends when all players lose HP.

Puyo Puyo Tetris – game review

In simple words, these are the modes that are a real decoration of production. Due to the simple nature of the game, literally everyone can handle the various variants – from the youngest to the oldest. Sure, the more we play, the more we gain an advantage over the “freshmen”, but take my word for it – the youngest can catch the rules at an express pace. I must mention here that although the game has already debuted on several platforms, the Nintendo Switch version (reviewed) due to the unique, hybrid nature of the console works perfectly in all conditions. After connecting the console to the TV, disconnect the Joy-Cony and have two controllers, and when we attach another set or Pro Controllers to the device, we can spin the four at one screen. Such fun works even in the field! And although I thought Mario Kart 8 Deluxe would be the summer hit, Puyo Puyo Tetris is currently winning at every house party. The title is perfect as a party-game.

Japanese-coke-professionals on the Web

If you don’t have an additional friend nearby, and you don’t intend to bother the artificial intelligence, there is an option to jump into online mode. Online allows you to participate in Puzzle League, i.e. league, ranked matches, Free Play gameplay, allowing you to fight with friends, or simply watch replays. The competition “for real” allows you to customize the gameplay – we can easily turn off modes that do not suit us – but be warned the entry threshold is extremely difficult. For each victory, we earn points, climb the rankings, win titles, but at this point you have to master the position at least at an advanced level. Often, during the night game, I ran into Asian people who literally… massacred me. There is no room for learning here, because the rivals do not forgive the slightest mistakes and can take advantage of every little mistake. As a consequence, a problem for some may be the fact that the system does not always select players with similar skills. Matchmaking should definitely be improved, because it is best to avoid the online mode for a good few hours – the game with professionals can be very irritating. The creators of the ranked matches have imposed restrictions on the number of players, because the matches take place only in the two-on-two variant. You will not find such restrictions in “Free Play”, but here it is difficult to find people willing to play.

A curiosity, however, is the ability to adjust the game to your own preferences – we can turn off the modes that do not suit us and thus play the best ones in our opinion. This is very helpful, because the prepared variants collect mixed opinions. My favorite is definitely the normal Versus, but I also like to play Swap, or to relax, I like to play Big Bang, and I totally can’t find my place while playing Fusion. Likewise, I did not like Party, although a lot depends on preferences, because among the friends with whom I played the title, there were enthusiasms about, for example, Swap.

Puyo Puyo Tetris – game review

The game works in three game modes, because when I had the opportunity to play alone, I was happy to use the portable console version, and when other household members joined the fun, I connected the equipment to the TV, handed out Joy-Cony and the fun began. A certain inconvenience is the problem with fast gameplay on small Nintendo controllers – express moving elements with the knob is sometimes inaccurately read by the console and, for example, Tetris puzzles can wander to the wrong place. Initially, I thought it was the fault of the equipment, but I heard this opinion among friends – in this situation, it is best to use the Pro Controller during online duels (where dynamic gameplay is actually required).

Do you prefer “slugs” or “blocks”?

Puyo Puyo Tetris is one of those titles that “tastes better on Nintendo Switch.” The game works in all conditions, and in addition, it can engage everyone – from the youngest to the oldest. On the one hand, we get great fun on a split screen and a lot of content, but the Japanese should definitely refine, and maybe even expand the online mode. I do not hide, not all modes are virulent for me, but I found my favorites right away, which I will probably be playing for many more weeks. Sonic Team has prepared a strong party-game, which, although not perfect, can charm you.