Raffle: Get to know Tesoro and be part of the legend.

Tesoro Technology is a brand born in 2011 and dedicated to the manufacture and design of Gamer peripherals for computers. We have only recently known about it, and at the moment its products cannot be found in Spain (although we are aware that they are pulling the strings to enter the Spanish market), but the first impressions with this brand have been so good that we have wanted to share them with you.

To begin with, the names they choose for their products are striking, which are based on legendary weapons, such as: Tizona, Colada (the two swords of Cid Campeador), Durandal, Gungnir, etc. Each of the products has its own story and its own legend. Tesoro’s intention in this area is to create a perfect epic team for Gamers.

If we think this way we have:

Raffle: Get to know Tesoro and be part of the legend
  • The keyboard is the main weapon, the sword, spear, etc.
  • The mouse is the secondary weapon.
  • The mat is the shield.
  • The headphones are the helmet.
  • The PC case is the armor.
  • The rest of the accessories are the greaves, the bracers, etc.

Bearing this concept in mind, at Tesoro they intend, as we have already said, that each Gamer can have all his equipment in an epic way. It is also curious that for each of their products they will have two versions, the Good version (the white part of the Tesoro logo) and the Evil version (the purple part).

Leaving this epic part aside, which we really liked (also because it has a large part of Spanish history in its products), there are some aspects that we would like to highlight about this brand. To begin with, that each and every one of their products is designed to last. In fact, Tesoro’s main idea in this regard is that its products last at least 10 years, and that in this way the user, when he has to change the keyboard, mouse or whatever, does it because he wants to change or update. and not because the one he had was damaged.

Raffle: Get to know Tesoro and be part of the legend

On the other hand, we really liked the aesthetics of their products. They all have a very attractive Gamer look, and all without exception look very robust at first glance. For example, looking at the photo of the Tesoro Colada keyboard that we have posted a little above, you can already appreciate its solidity, since it is made of aluminum. Not in vain its weight is 1.56 kg.

From SamaGame we invite you to visit the Tesoro website and take a look at its products: LINK. Very soon we will be able to see this brand in the Spanish market, and for our part we are already waiting for the first samples to be sent to us to analyze on this page and thus be able to show you Tesoro products first hand.

Raffle: Get to know Tesoro and be part of the legend


Now that you know the Tesoro brand, they themselves have offered to raffle a Tesoro Aegis X4 mouse pad among all of you who leave a comment on this article.

Raffle: Get to know Tesoro and be part of the legend

To participate:

  • Leave a comment on this entry saying the phrase “I want a Tesoro Aegis X4 mousepad”.
  • That’s it, you don’t have to do anything else. But if you follow Tesoro on her Facebook and/or on her Twitter, it will be appreciated.

Several things need to be nuanced:

  • Only one comment per user will be allowed. Users who try to cheat by putting two comments with two different names will be disqualified.
  • This raffle is valid for everyone. Yes, this time it is not limited only to Spain. Thanks to Treasure 🙂
  • The participation limit is Sunday March 3 at 23:59. Entries after that date and time will not be counted. You have almost a whole week.
  • The winner will be chosen with the random number generator that we use in all draws.

Good luck to everyone!

Raffle: Get to know Tesoro and be part of the legend