Ranking of horror movies that make your heart beat faster.

Horror is one of the most popular film genres due to the fact that, using quite simple means, it can cause shock, panic or other extreme emotions in viewers. The atmosphere of horror is built both by a dark climate, paranormal events, and typically stimulating (and sometimes a bit cheap) jumpscare. So it was decided which films frighten people the most – it was done based on the average number of heartbeats per minute. So let’s follow this ranking, slowly savoring the Halloween atmosphere – its original version can be found on the BroadbandChoices portal.

10 of the scariest horror movies – scientifically proven list

  • Sinister – 86 beats per minute
  • Insidious – 85 beats per minute
  • The Conjuring) – 84 beats per minute
  • Heritage. Hereditary (Hereditary) – 83 beats per minute
  • Paranormal Activity – 82 beats per minute
  • It Follows – 81 beats per minute
  • Presence 2 (The Conjuring 2) – 80 beats per minute
  • The Babadook – 80 bolts per minute
  • The Descent – 79 beats per minute
  • The Visit – 79 beats per minute
  • You are probably wondering on what research basis this list was created. Well, the 50 best horror films in the eyes of critics and Internet users have been collected. Then a group of specialists watched them using 5.1 surround sound technology, constantly under the control of heart rate devices.. Based on these screenings, the winners were selected and as you can see – these are minimal differences.

    The very popular horror film Sinister won, which is considered by many cinema fans as an example of a perfectly haunted work. And although he held in suspense the longest (because we are talking about an average of 86 beats per minute), the Insidious can scare the most. At one point in the session, the pace was even 133 BPM (it probably borders on a heart attack).

    Ranking of horror movies that make your heart beat faster

    The presence of one of the newer works in the ranking, i.e. Hereditary, is a positive surprise. Many people underestimated Ari Aster’s directorial skills and repeatedly ridiculed the film for certain scenes, but here it turns out that under the right conditions it can catch its throat.

    Among the examples-curiosities that did not make it to the top ten, it is worth highlighting, for example, the characteristic Texas chainsaw massacre or the legendary horror film by John Carpenter entitled Something. Even the first Foreign found his place on the list. You can see the rest of the items below.

    Ranking of horror movies that make your heart beat faster

    This list will be enough for many nights. Source: BroadbandChoices

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    Ranking of horror movies that make your heart beat faster