Many thanks to the colleagues at Digital Foundry! His look at Ghostrunner’s awesome ray tracing effects caught my eye to a game that seemed to suit me – and one that I didn’t know about before its existence: a title that reminds me of the bad thing with the Duke could come to terms with the 3D kingdoms.

What is that? A game about a cyber ninja who turns like a mirror through magnificent landscapes of neon industrial ships and mows augmented bats with his katana. In terms of quality and, most importantly, so wonderfully slippery, I didn’t expect that from the folks at Duke Nukem. Consider that these people could not make a game for twelve year olds before their 24th birthday.

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Well, 3D Realms isn’t developing this on their own, it doesn’t even seem like they took the initiative from Ghostrunner. But betting on this game, for whatever reason, definitely talks about it. With One More Level and Slipgate Ironworks, they got drunk on the demo, which lasted about half an hour. You fall into a magnificent stream and you don’t want to stop even though you’re shot over and over again at the same time in one of the huge rooms. Press R and start over from the last checkpoint, rarely more than ten seconds ago. The game breaks up its challenges into smaller pieces.

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And yes, that’s a good idea, because when I write “over it” I think it like this: Your cyber ninja is not a human tank, but rather an alternative artist, thanks to its generally high tempo and in slow motion on the Shift key which increases the control of your figure in the air and ends with a generous dash in the direction of the view. You should take advantage of this when you hit the ground with the first pistol shot. There is no hand between triumph and defeat and the speed at which you throw yourself over and over again, it’s reminiscent of the Miami hotline just as pleasantly as the dark, pompous and loud electronic soundtrack.

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The other central elements would be the construction of the world, about which I cannot say much yet. Except that the triumvirate developer has so far had good atmospheric adhesion and I don’t have enough Wallrun surfaces, which are generously arranged vertically in the levels. It sounds a bit like what’s likely to happen in the darker corners of the industrial district of Cyberpunk 2077s Night City. Technically, he’s on top and looks dazzling, even though the performance is on with ray tracing on. bestial suffers – please implement DLSS 2.0, thanks! -, and getting around feels good.

Wipe down walls to the beat of murder like the deadliest window cleaner you can imagine, slide down endless slopes, find shortcuts, and plan the optimal route through a battle scenario – then repeat in the tightest way. elegant and fastest as a bloody choreography in constant repetition, which has something immeasurably rewarding. You know what that means – take a look at the Steam demo!

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