In the world of accessories, it is always advisable to look at the proposals of our favorite brands. If ours is the gaming, Razer also has a case for AirPods Pro true to style. We have tested it for several weeks and these are our impressions.

A case gamer for your AirPods Pro

Razer 04 Case

Made from thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU, this AirPods Pro case has a feel that offers some roughness. In its matte black color, it has a glossy drawing with the brand’s logo. As a whole it has a grip that makes it impossible to slip.

This cover consists of three parts. The cover is divided in two pieces on the lid and the body, completed with a black aluminum carabiner. This accessory can therefore be hung on backpacks, briefcases and belt loops.

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Razer 02 Case

As can be seen in the photos, the two main pieces of this case are separated and have a hole for give space to the hinge of the AirPods Pro. In this sense, they are similar to the proposals of other manufacturers.

Razer 01 Case

One of the most common questions with these accessories is whether they allow the AirPods Pro to be charged wirelessly. Even though they are thick sleeves, can be easily charged on any cordless base. To aid in charging, the center of the logo coincides with a hole for the AirPods’ LED indicator that indicate their status.

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This case is priced at 34.99 euros, in line with the prices offered by Apple on its website for third-party cases. Yes, it is quite far from other proposals much cheaper.

Where to buy | Razer website, 34.99 euros.