Razer BlackWidow Lite Stormtropper Review – Darth Vader’s Favorite Keyboard.

The review we have today about him Razer BlackWidow Lite has a very special importance for us as good followers of the saga of Star wars what are we. A few months ago, Razer together with Disney released a peripherals special edition with a design featuring loved ones Stormtrooper. In this sense, Stormtrooper Edition offers a keyboard, a mouse and a mousepad with a very special visual design that will make all those followers of the famous franchise fall in love Star Wars.

In today’s post, we are going to focus on the keyboard itself, the Razer BlackWidow Lite, and later we will talk about mouse and of the mat of this range. About the keyboard, we will talk about all your specifications, performance and quality, as we always do. Logically, we will also pay attention to that galactic exterior design, What makes it so special.

Razer BlackWidow Lite Stormtropper Review – Darth Vader’s Favorite Keyboard

Quality and Finish

The Razer BlackWidow Lite is a keyboard that, as its name suggests, features a lighter and smaller body than the standard edition of the Razer BlackWidow we all know. In this sense, this more compact design is achieved thanks to the keypad exclusion on the right side of the keyboard.

The quality of its materials is characterized by a plastic body In its whole. This Lite version favors a easier finish, presenting a reduction in the quality of your materials, if we compare it with the Razer BlackWidow conventional or the Razer Huntsman. It is a cheaper keyboard than the other models of the companyTherefore, this reduction in quality is evident.

Razer BlackWidow Lite Stormtropper Review – Darth Vader’s Favorite Keyboard

The keys, also finished in plastic, have a traditional design and they do not stand out for offering high quality materials. Its black color, stands out against the white background of the keyboard, offering the classic contrast of the Stormtropper outfit. To the touch, the materials highlight this improvable quality, showing fragility.

The Razer BlackWidow Lite connects to our device through a braided cable, that favors its durability. This braided fabric features the black and white colors so as not to clash with this particular Star Wars design.

Razer BlackWidow Lite Stormtropper Review – Darth Vader’s Favorite Keyboard

Ergonomics and Design

Without a doubt, the most characteristic element that this edition of the Razer BlackWidow Lite presents is the screen printed with various Star Wars visuals. As can be seen in the images we have a white body keyboard, which presents some black lines silkscreened that run through the product horizontally.

Above all, a Stormtropper in full action just above the arrow keys, which has the appeal that any fan of the saga of George Lucas will know how to appreciate. The other change that we perceive in this edition is the classic serigraphy of the Escape key (Esc), which is replaced by the well-known Symbol of the Empire from the Star Wars saga.

Razer BlackWidow Lite Stormtropper Review – Darth Vader’s Favorite Keyboard

This edition of the Razer BlackWidow Lite gains appeal when we connect it to the computer. The intense white backlighting, further highlights the contrast between the black keys and the white background of the keyboard, thus giving a very attractive and striking appearance to the product.

The comfort The Razer BlackWidow Lite keyboard, regardless of its impressive visual design, is room for improvement. This reduced format does not significantly affect the time of playing video games, but it does result slightly uncomfortable when writing with the keyboard. This reduction in format will further affect users with Big hands, but still it is a functional keyboard for any type of use.

Technical characteristics

Now is the time to review the Technical specifications offered by the Razer BlackWidow Lite. Regardless of its outer shell design, this Razer keyboard model offers identical features to the regular BlackWidow Lite.

Razer BlackWidow Lite Stormtropper Review – Darth Vader’s Favorite Keyboard

We start by talking about the mechanical keyboard switches. On this occasion, we meet the orange mechanical switches (orange), manufactured by Razer. We had already tried the green switches (green), in the conventional BlackWidow, optomechanical switches on the Razer Huntsman, and we have now tested this variant.

In general lines the orange switches of Razer present similarities and differences with the green switches. First of all, these switches are supposed to be more silent than greens.

This is achieved, thanks to the fact that the Razer BlackWidow Lite has some small plastic rings that can be attached to the keys to muffle the sound even more. We would have liked this functionality to come built-in directly from the factory, because being a removable piece it is easier to finish falling with use and time.

Razer BlackWidow Lite Stormtropper Review – Darth Vader’s Favorite Keyboard

If we pay attention to its functionality, this addition of the rings works relatively well, And if it is true that the keyboard produces less sound when pressing the keys. It is not totally silent, but if you are users who are looking for a mechanical keyboard that makes little noise, this Razer BlackWidow Lite it can be an interesting option.

We continue talking about the mechanical switches of this Razer keyboard, and an interesting fact is that the travel distance of the key is similar to that of the Razer green switch, presenting a value of 1.9 mm. It is not the fastest keyboard of the company but its functionality, in this section, meets the expectations generated.

Razer Synapse compatible

One feature that we liked about this edition of the Razer BlackWidow Lite is its compatibility with Razer Synapse proprietary software. Through this program, which we have already told you about on other occasions, we will be able to configure each of the keys of this keyboard individually.

We will have different configuration options available, except for the backlight keyboard, which can only vary in intensity. It can simply be illuminated with a white light. We imagine that the company has decided to do without the RGB lighting system that accompanies, and characterizes, the rest of Razer products. In this way, the Stormtropper Edition visually surprise with that black and white contrast.

Razer BlackWidow Lite Stormtropper Review – Darth Vader’s Favorite Keyboard

Our User Experience

Returning to highlighting what we have argued previously, the Razer BlackWidow Lite from Star Wars, presents a highly recommended visual design for all those Star Wars fans. If you are followers of the George Lucas saga, and you are looking for a keyboard, you will surely love this model, if only by design. At the level of materials and of benefits, It is not the best keyboard that you will find in the market, but if these factors do not matter to you, as well as its design, this keyboard is perfect for you.

We have tested this Razer BlackWidow Lite with the international configuration (without the letter Ñ), but that is not a problem, since Windows configures the keys according to the region that we configure. We have played games like Fortnite, Counter Strike, League of Legends and Gears 5. Through the software, we can assign different configuration profiles, to adapt the keys and macros to all our games.

In competitive games, we emphasize that not the fastest keyboard we’ve tested, and if you are very demanding players with precision and speed, it may not be the option we recommend. Instead to enjoy a game from time to time to campaign mode games, or even multiplayer this Razer BlackWidow Lite does its job very well.

Razer BlackWidow Lite Stormtropper Review – Darth Vader’s Favorite Keyboard

What do you think of the Razer BlackWidow Lite: Stormtropper Edition? Has its design captivated you as much as us? Did you expect better performance? Leave us a comment with your opinion!