Razer Thresher Ultimate – Review

The Thresher Ultimate is the new wireless headset from Razer for PlayStation 4. It is an officially licensed product that is placed on the market as one of the most expensive devices of its kind for the console, only lagging behind the Astro A50, which cost even more . When it comes to video game headsets, the choices are currently varied and fit the budget of any wallet. Even the simple headsets that come with smartphones serve to listen and communicate. However, if you are looking for something more advanced and wireless, the choices are not that many, and if you perform a quick search on a search engine, you will notice that you can count your options with your fingers.

There are two fundamental pieces of Thresher Ultimate. Firstly, the headset itself, and secondly, the base that serves as the communications center and as a resting support. The base has a USB port, which serves as a power supply and also for receiving audio, a micro-USB input for placing the wire that recharges the headset, and an optical input and output. The base also has a small switch, which allows you to quickly switch between modes for PlayStation 4 and PC, and a button to activate Dolby Surround 7.1. Like most headsets on the market, the Thresher Ultimate surround is virtual, which means that there is an emulation of the sound direction and not an actual placement of various sound drivers in the headsets.

Purists, audiophiles, prefer the True Surround experience, but for that, they have to give up the convenience of a wireless headset. And the Virtual Surround of Thresher Ultimate is very good. It is not an identical experience to True Surround, but the effect is surprising. When playing we can easily distinguish the direction of the sound details and the various layers that make up the auditory part of video games. Sharpness and sonic definition is another strength of this headset. There are headsets that tend to overdo the bass to give you the feeling that the audio is powerful, but this can result in loss of definition and sound quality. The Thresher Ultimate has a good balance and does not drown out the most delicate sound details.

This is a headset designed for video games, but it is also great for listening to music. It is common to be listening to music while I am working and the Thresher Ultimate is the headset I have been using since it came to our newsroom. The points in its favor are diverse: it is light (weighs about 408g) and comfortable for long hours, it reasonably isolates outside noise and gives a great immersion. Lately I’ve been listening to songs that are very familiar to me and I was amazed by the capabilities of Thresher Ultimante. The sharpness is amazing and I have been able to distinguish the various musical instruments and notes better than ever. It is a pity that it has little versatility. Without Bluetooth and without 3.5mm input, you will hardly use it except on your desk or sofa.

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The comfort of the Razer Thresher Ultimate is certified by the large cushions covered in synthetic leather, which gracefully surround our ears, and by the automatically adjustable support. While in other headphones we have to pull the earphones so that the headset fits the dimensions of our head, the Thresher Ultimate has an automatic system that returns to the original state as soon as they are removed. It is a simple and effective solution. Most of the headset is made of plastic to save weight, with the exception of the bow that joins the two pads, which is made of metal so there is no risk of the headset breaking in half. The hinges, which allow the cushions to rotate 90 degrees, remain a weak spot on Razer headsets with this feature.

Thresher Ultimate receives audio over a 2.4 GHz radio frequency to minimize interference and latency. In our experience we have not noticed any of these problems. Regarding the battery, Razer gives an estimate of 16 for each charge. We can ensure that the battery life matches the estimate. When we had the headset connected to the PlayStation, even playing about 3 hours a day, it took more than five days before the headset gave the signal that the battery needed to be recharged. The headset can be recharged when not in use, so you will hardly have to worry about the battery.

This base is exclusive to the Ultimate version. The Razer Thresher 7.1 is also wireless, but does not include the base or support to put the headset to rest.

Right now it’s the best they can find, but it comes with a high price of € 279.90

The microphone included in the headset can be retracted and perfectly fulfills its purpose. It is not a professional quality microphone, obviously, but no one will have a hard time understanding your words. The microphone has no problem with excessive noise or annoying static, and has an acceptable amplitude, which means that if you increase the volume of the voice, the sound will not be horribly distorted. It remains to be said that all the controls of the headset are in the earphones. On the left side we have the button to turn on and off (although it turns itself off after a while) and the volume control for the microphone. On the right side is the control for the audio volume.

So to answer the question asked initially, is this a better wireless headset for PS4? Right now it is the best you can find, but it comes with a high price of € 279.90 (this is the official price, but we have already seen it for sale for less). For a headset of this price, there is a lack of more connectivity options, namely Bluetooth and 3.5 mm input. However, if you are willing to give up the base and headset support, you can opt for the Razer Thresher 7.1, which costs € 169.99 and has the same capabilities. In this case, they lose even more connectivity, since communication is done via a USB stick. It is a savings of over 100 euros, so it seems like a reasonable exchange for anyone looking for a wireless headset.

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