reality shows on platforms that you can see now.

People want to see ‘Big Brother’ on Netflix. Or on any platform. In recent weeks we have been seeing some noise from fans of the Telecinco reality show claiming their presence in a year in which there is no edition in sight. And, it seems, in the near future.

This petition, which had its moment of glory at the beginning of this August, comes at a curious and even auspicious moment. This past June, Álvaro Díaz, CEO of Zeppelin, left the company to join Netflix as Director of entertainment.

reality shows on platforms that you can see now

A position with which the platform of Ted Sarandos and Reed Hastings aims to promote formats such as contests, talents and yes, reality shows. Of course “Alvarito”, as Mercedes Milá calls him, has been responsible for ‘Big Brother’, ‘Fama’ and other successful programs for years.

We do not know if we are ready to hear the “pa chulo, chulo, mi pirulo” or Fresita’s cow moment but you can request the title here:

reality shows on platforms that you can see now

– Netflix Spain (@NetflixES) August 5, 2020

We do not know if Netflix will end up uploading ‘Big Brother’ to the platform. Doing so would set an important precedent since none of the great reality shows in our country enjoys a second streaming window. At least in the SVOD market.

reality shows on platforms that you can see now

In the services of the Spanish chains, we can find the last seasons of, for example, ‘Operación Triunfo’ or ‘Masterchef’ … but in the case of the coexistence reality show par excellence, this is absent from the Mitele catalog .

“Who puts his leg on me”

The case of Spanish reality shows, at least those with a determining coexistence factor, it is difficult to see them because the “live” is vital for them. It is an experience that loses (sometimes a little but other times a lot) in its delayed viewing.

reality shows on platforms that you can see now

The experience of a ‘Big Brother’ or a ‘Survivors’ with endless weekly galas on Thursdays, endless debates on Sundays and all the programs of the chain following up, putting controversy and other things during incalculable hours makes it quite complex and long to see. Which is not to say that it is not possible, but it is certainly not something for your regular consumption in streaming as it was executed.

It should also be taken into account that production contracts are highly complex and often do not contemplate rebroadcasting outside of traditional television. This is not as simple as taking the masters of each program and giving them to a platform. A series of licenses must be processed and reacquired.

Now it is common for the licenses to use the material of a series or a television program (the music that is used, for example) include in their terms exploitation on DVD / BluRay and streaming. But not twenty years ago. And, less, on live television. In Spain.

reality shows on platforms that you can see now

The forgotten format of streaming

On the other hand, we have the example of reality shows in the United States. From the beginning, they saw that the live show was bad for them and they threw for the edition: three-quarter-hour programs and pulling. Both ‘Survivor’ and ‘Big Brother’ can be seen in full in streaming on CBS All Access.

Some international editions, such as the Canadian ‘GH’, are on Prime Video, where you can also see ‘The Amazing Race’. But only at the local level. Rarely do these reality shows cross borders in an international distribution because “traditionally” local versions are considered to work better.

This, together with the fact that Spanish reality shows do not seem to make the leap to the streaming market in Spain, makes the fan viewer feel a kind of drought. A drought but it is not total. We are going to review what reality shows similar to ‘Big Brother’ and the like can be found on Netflix, Prime Video, and Movistar +. That is, programs with a component of coexistence and, if it occurs, competition.

reality shows on platforms that you can see now

‘The bridge’

We started with the successful Movistar + format, presented by Paula Vázquez and soon to arrive in the United Kingdom. A group of fifteen strangers must build a three-hundred-meter bridge in thirty days to reach an island where the prize money is located.

‘Terrace House’

One of the great successes of Netflix was to export internationally this kind of Japanese ‘Big Brother’ in which three boys and three young girls live together during the summer in a mansion while they continue with their daily occupations.

‘The Circle’

A great concept whose first installment of Netflix has given us enormous moments: several strangers go to live in an apartment block without ever seeing each other, only being able to interact through the contest’s own social network. Original British format, ‘The Circle’ has a French, Brazilian and American version.

‘Blind trust’

With the rise of ‘The Island of Temptations’ and the like, it is worth taking a new look at its great predecessor: the mythical ‘Blind Trust’, the space presented by Francine Gálvez separated three couples for two weeks.

reality shows on platforms that you can see now

‘Playing with fire’

And speaking of ‘Blind Trust’, this Netflix original reality show came at a time when we were all looking for the next ‘Island of Temptations’ and, we were hooked. A group of attractive young people live together on an island. The goal is to resist sexual urges (from kisses to intercourse) that may occur in order not to lose money

’60 days in ‘

We close with something slightly different. This time we see a group of people who voluntarily enter the same prison as incognito prisoners, trying to find evidence of shenanigans and illegal activities within the center.