Recall 9 Underrated PlayStation 2 Games.

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There is no doubt that the PlayStation 2 is one of the consoles with one of the most extensive game libraries in the world. In addition to great classics, such as Final Fantasy, Metal Gear and many others, he also received some dubious titles and some even good ones, but which ended up overshadowed by major releases that hit stores at the same time or in more varied situations.

Recall 9 Underrated PlayStation 2 Games

And it’s exactly about these good games that went under the radar of most of the public that we’ll talk next. See our list and use the space for comments to tell us your opinion about good games for this console that, unfortunately, did not gain great spotlight in their releases.

1. Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven

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Recall 9 Underrated PlayStation 2 Games

In a period in which the Metal Gear Solid series was already consolidated among the public, a new franchise was trying to occupy more and more its space in the gaming world: Tenchu.

The series that was born on the first PlayStation found its heyday on PlayStation 2 with Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (after all, we had two protagonists with totally different storylines and lots of other elements) and even had a considerable amount of copies sold, but perhaps it would have attracted a lot more attention if you had a greater investment, especially in disclosure.

Recall 9 Underrated PlayStation 2 Games

2. Frequency and Amplitude

Music games have certainly made history on the PlayStation 2, and probably the success of Guitar Hero and Rock Band ended up obstructing everything Frequency and Amplitude could do for the public over time – especially when we take into account the fact that we are facing two musical games that did not require plastic instruments for the player to have fun with their content.

3. Odin Sphere

Ah, Odin Sphere. Anyone who followed video game magazines and websites at the time of this game’s release must have been amazed at the graphic quality that Atlus intended to deliver in this project that mixed lateral progression with RPG elements. However, with the large number of titles at the time, chances are, unfortunately, this one may have missed your radar.

Recall 9 Underrated PlayStation 2 Games

4. Sly Cooper

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On the wave of Crash Bandicoot-style gaming, Sly Cooper emerged on the PlayStation 2, but probably ended up gaining an even larger audience with its HD remake for PlayStation 3. However, the raccoon’s bandit-masked adventures on the second console of the PlayStation family are already there. they were very good, and it was a shame that he didn’t establish himself so much as an official Sucker Punch mascot.

5. Fatal Frame

It’s true that nowadays the Fatal Frame series already has a captive audience in different corners of the globe, but in the time of PlayStation 2 it had to compete for its space with several titles in the same segment, which perhaps made many pass by. first game in the period of its official release.

Recall 9 Underrated PlayStation 2 Games

For those who like to jump on the couch while playing, Fatal Frame already had at that time a very good premise for dealing with spirits from the deep. Your resources for this? Using only a special camera while controlling a student in events apparently based on situations that actually happened.

6. Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil

On the original PlayStation, Klonoa was already a fun game that didn’t get enough public attention and unfortunately it wasn’t any different with its sequel (Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil).

Even though it guaranteed good grades in the review reviews, it unfortunately ended up “snubbed” by many players – which is a shame, as its platform mechanics, beautiful visuals and some other elements make it a fun game even today for those who decide to take a chance. .

Recall 9 Underrated PlayStation 2 Games

7. Hokuto no Ken

For fans of fighting games, Hokuto no Ken is a game based on the First of the North Star anime developed by Arc System Works (of Guilty Gear) and that has well-crafted mechanics for the genre, such as combo system, moves special features and a nice graphic style. However, at its release it may have attracted the attention of only those already familiar with the franchise, but the title had (and still has) the strength to embrace a much larger group.

8. Jak X: Combat Racing

Okay, Mario Kart clones abound out there, but you have to remember that many of them have their own appeal and even elements that elevate their quality — and this is the case with Jak X: Combat Racing.

In addition to having a story mode, the title allows you to control familiar faces from the Jak series in races full of power-ups and even resort to the possibility of modifying the car to have some advantages during competitions.

9. Against: Shattered Soldier

Perhaps many don’t even remember, but the Contra series had an entry destined for Playstation 2: it’s Contra: Shattered Soldier. Everything that made the Konami series a success appears in this one, including the difficulty. In addition to the 2D side progression, we can also highlight the soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka (who worked on Silent Hill) as one of the game’s strong points.

Recall 9 Underrated PlayStation 2 Games