Recommended addons for World of Warcraft.

There is little time left until Battle for Azeroth, and probably new players will want to try the game, and older players will return after a break. Today I would like to write a bit about addons that are worth installing, especially when you are a new player.

At the outset, it is worth mentioning that the article is mainly aimed at new players or those who just want to start playing. This does not mean that as an older player you will not find anything interesting here, perhaps something will catch your eye.

Recommended addons for World of Warcraft

Besides, I would like to point out that you download all addons from the curseforge website – click! And right away I will recommend you just download the Twitch application (it works with Curs). Thanks to this, you will be able to update and install addons faster. However, if someone insists that they do not want to do it automatically, it is worth writing how to install the addon. Download it from the curseforge website, and then extract it to the folder – (where you have WoW)/interface/AddOns

In addition, I’ll just say that all the addons that I’m going to tell you now are legal and you won’t get banned for them! Why am I writing this? Because add-ons are not approved by Blizzard, which means there may also be rogue add-ons that affect gameplay too much. I’ll just say right away that there’s nothing to worry about, I’ve been playing for a few years now and I’ve never had any problems with addons. I just thought it was worth writing as a pure curiosity.

Recommended addons for World of Warcraft

The most important addons

Here I will put addons that will be needed for raiding, making instances and PvP.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

A basic addon, without which you will either not be accepted on a raid or you will be kicked out quickly. It has all the timers, it warns about the boss’s attack, it shows how many yards we stand from the other person (there are bosses where you have to split up, so it’s useful), etc. In addition, it is the command that counts down the time to attack the boss – /pull X (where X, is the number of seconds 1-60) – and the command to take a break from the raid – /break X (here you can more than 60 seconds).

Recommended addons for World of Warcraft

WeakAuras 2

This addon is not required but worth having. Thanks to it, you can make timers for how much longer the trinket will work, when you run out of buff, how much time the skill will renew and much, much more. You have to play with it a bit, but I really recommend installing it. If you couldn’t create your own weakaury, there are a lot of ready-made ones for each class on the internet, I recommend looking for something if you need it.

Skada Damage Meter

It is also not a required addition, but you need to know your numbers. Simply put, Skada counts your DMG, heal (i.e. HPS), buffs, DPS, etc. It’s worth having an addon to know if there is a very weak link in the group that needs to be replaced. Of course, there are more addons of this type, and the most popular is Recount, but I’ll tell you why I don’t recommend it. When I was using it in Warlords of Draenor I had incredibly huge FPS drops, when the raid leader said to disable Recount my FPS magically jumped up and stabilized. I don’t know how he is now, but Skada is simply better. Besides, Skada has more features.

Recommended addons for World of Warcraft


Addon purely created for making instances. Calculates the time left to complete a dungeon on +1, +2 or +3.


Add-on for PvP. Thanks to it, we can see which of our opponents has a flag, how many healers the opposing team has, and we can click and target the enemy faster. A very nice addon and one of the required when playing in a PvP guild.


This addon is not needed by everyone, but it saves some time. Thanks to it, with one click, we can see what we can get for using the bonus roll. Without this addon, you first have to go to the directory, then find the raid, then the boss, and here just one click and we have all the information.

Recommended addons for World of Warcraft

Trading and farming

Here I will put the best addons that will allow you to earn money. Of course, not in such a way that one click and suddenly a hundred thousand gold falls into your pocket. Luckily there isn’t.


TradeSkillMaster is the absolute top and best addon for earning money on auctions. There are a lot of options here, and you need to sit for a while to set everything up, but then it makes many things easier. For example, we can post auctions faster, buy them faster, delete them faster. In addition, snipe items and compare prices. The addon will also show how much money we will get if (by some miracle he he) all auctions would sell.

TradeSkillMaster itself is just the foundation. There are many more addons included, without which TSM is useless. Personally, I did not install all of them, but the ones I use, I will try to quote you.

Recommended addons for World of Warcraft
  • TradeSkillMaster_Accounting*
    • It tracks the entire market, thanks to it you can determine whether you will make money. Also, it tracks your income.
  • TradeSkillMaster_AppHelper
    • This is a necessary addon for the standalone TSM desktop application to work. I will talk about the application later, but for now I will only say that this addon is very necessary to comfortably use TradeSkillMaster.
  • TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB*
    • Scans the auction house and shows item prices.
  • TradeSkillMaster_Auctioning*
    • Thanks to it, you can list and buy items on predetermined terms.
  • TradeSkillMaster_Mailing
    • Addon needed to receive items from the mailbox. In addition, at the end it counts how much money you just received.
  • TradeSkillMaster_Shopping*
    • Provides the entire interface for buying and selling items.

* – important addon by TradeSkillMaster worked at all!

Earlier, I mentioned the TSM desktop app. You are downloading the TradeSkillMaster PC application – click! – you install it, set it up and run it in the background. Thanks to this, we will get a full scan of the market every thirty minutes and we will not have to stand in the city and scan everything manually. In my opinion, a very good application, which for me is necessary to use TSM.

Well, probably many of you will say that you can’t handle this addon. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it looks, and YouTube videos will help. These helped me:


Addon for farming mainly rocks and flowers. A dot is shown on the mini-map, which means that there is a flower or a rock in this place. We run up and collect, then the addon saves this place and then we can compare which way to run to earn the most. Without a doubt one of the best addons for farming gold.

Recommended addons for World of Warcraft

Server Hop

Server Hop flips you between realms. Hence, it “resets” plants, rocks, etc.. It is very useful when on our server someone is constantly killing us or when we can’t find resources at all. It is also useful for waiting for a rare monster, we can move between servers and maybe catch what we need faster.


A nice addition when we run around and kill monsters. The addon will calculate how much the items dropped by the creatures are worth. It is worth changing in the options that you want the lowest market price to have a more reliable result. Attention, LootAppraiser needs TradeSkillMaster to work to get prices!

Chat Addons

This is where I will put addons that are useful for conversations with other players.

Recommended addons for World of Warcraft


If someone annoys you with spam in private messages, BadBoy will effectively block them and will not show them.

WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)

When standing in the city there is often a lot of chat spam. So when we go to the toilet or kitchen, we often won’t see if someone has written something important to us in a private message. WIM will create a separate message box, so you can easily talk to another call without any other messaging in the background.

Additional addons

Useful addons that will make your life easier. At least the ones in World of Warcraft…


A very good addon when you don’t know what is more profitable for you to wear. Pawn shows what you will get stats in when you change gloves A to gloves B, moreover, what stats will decrease for you and how much item level you will get. Of course, it’s best to ask someone when we don’t know which is better, but we don’t always have such a person to put it at hand. Besides, when we raid, a lot depends on the boss we’re currently beating.

World Quest Tracker

If you do World Quests, this addon is for you. You click the button and he finds you a group for a given task, which makes the quest faster.

Quest Translator

I have written about this addon before, so now I will write it briefly. If anyone wants to read the whole thing, it’s in this article, just find the headline from World of Warcraft – click!

All right… Project “WoW in Polish” – click! – translates tasks into Polish. And don’t let the name fool you, it’s not just Google Translate, the translations were made by people who are involved in the project. Translations have their errors (language, etc.), but not terribly many.

And what else?

I would like to write a bit more about ElvUI, which I am currently using. ElvUI changes the basic UI to a new one that I think is clearer, simpler, customizable and just plain nice. You have to play a bit, but it’s worth it. I myself took the configuration files from a friend and uploaded them, but it’s not a big problem to set the UI to what we want. ElvUI includes a lot of addons, so you will need YouTube to configure the UI properly. Okay, it’s time for a little comparison … The first screenshot is not my character anyway, I took a screenshot from Google graphics.

Recommended addons for World of Warcraft

Regular UI:


And by the way, I’ll link you to a very nice video in which Boowa shows how to install the UI from Guild Wars to World of Warcraft.