There are various issues or situations that you (as an iPhone user) may face while using your iPhone. One of the common situations is accidental deletion of data. If there is no backup, then you might be in a tricky situation.

Recover, Repair, or Erase iPhone Data – One software that does everything!

Sometimes, you encounter issues such as iPhone is stuck at Apple logo/boot loop or is showing black screen/white screen of death. This may even prevent you from using your device. In such a situation, you want a quick solution to fix the issue.

Also, there comes a time when you want to part with your device by selling or recycling it. So before selling or giving it for recycling, you need to completely and permanently erase all the data from your iPhone.

As you can see, the above situations are totally different. To handle such situations, you must be thinking that you need a separate solution for each situation. But what if we tell you that you can deal with all the above situations with a single solution and that too from the comfort of your place. Yes, you heard it right!

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Here, we’ll share about an advanced iPhone recovery toolkit, named Stellar Toolkit for iPhone – an all-in-one solution for the above situations. This DIY toolkit contains tools that can help you recover deleted data from iPhone, repair iOS issues without any data loss, erase all the data from iPhone beyond the scope of recovery, and much more. Let’s know more about this useful software.

Stellar Toolkit for iPhone – An Overview

Stellar Toolkit for iPhone is a combination of 4 specialized and powerful software that can help you in iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad data recovery, erasing iPhone data, repairing iOS issues, and removing Apple ID.

Following are some prominent features of this iPhone toolkit:

  • Recovers deleted or lost data from iCloud and iTunes backup files.
  • Recovers data from encrypted iTunes backup files.
  • Recovers a wide range of deleted/lost files, like photos, texts, contacts, etc.
  • Recovers videos from WhatsApp, Viber, Tango, and other chat messengers.
  • Offers preview of the recovered files before saving them.
  • Offers two modes of scanning: Quick Scan and Deep Scan.
  • Works in various kinds of data loss situations, like deletion, broken iPhone screen, formatted or jailbreak, etc.
  • Permanently erases iPhone data beyond the chance of recovery.
  • Erases previously deleted data beyond recovery.
  • Wipes third-party apps and other stored data on iPhone and iPad.
  • Erases contacts, messages, photos, videos, audio files, chats, calendars, reminders, bookmarks, notes, and other iPhone data.
  • Repairs iOS issues on your device without losing the data, like black screen or iPhone stuck at Apple logo in a reboot loop.
  • Removes configured Apple ID from iOS device.
  • Compatible with iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11, and previous versions.
  • Compatible with latest iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, and also all the previous versions.
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Why it is an Ideal Solution?

Stellar Toolkit for iPhone comes with 4 specialized tools that make it an ideal solution when it comes to recovering deleted iPhone data, repairing iOS issues, erasing iPhone data, and removing Apple ID.

Recover, Repair, or Erase iPhone Data – One software that does everything!

Recover Lost or Deleted iPhone Data

You might find yourself in a sticky situation when your important documents and photos get accidentally deleted from iPhone. There is no manual way to recover them if you don’t have a backup. In such a case, you can use Stellar Toolkit for iPhone to restore accidentally deleted or lost iPhone data.

This software helps to retrieve lost or deleted Messages & Chats, Camera Roll, Voice Memos, Bookmarks, Contacts & Call Logs, App Library, etc. from iPhone, iPad, iTunes, and iCloud backup files. It can even recover attachments of chat messages, including that of Viber, Tango, and WhatsApp.

Erase iPhone Data Permanently

Stellar Toolkit for iPhone has a specialized erasure tool that can permanently wipe your iPhone. It erases every bit of data on your iPhone and iPad beyond the scope of recovery. It can even erase third-party apps data, including cache data of Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, Instagram, etc. from your iOS device.

The tool destroys all the data on your iOS device by overwriting it, thus rendering it unrecoverable. This is the best solution to prevent your iOS data from being leaked, falling into the wrong hands, or being accessed by strangers.

Recover, Repair, or Erase iPhone Data – One software that does everything!

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Repair iOS Issues on the Device

If your iPhone displays a black/white screen of death or is stuck at the Apple logo, it indicates there are issues with iOS. In this case, Stellar Toolkit for iPhone can help you repair the iOS issues easily and quickly. This is a secure and trusted tool that can fix various issues, such as iPhone freezing or crashing, iTunes error, white or black screen of death, reboot loop, and more. This advanced iPhone repair tool also downloads the latest version of the firmware on your system. This imported firmware file then helps fix your iOS issue.

Remove Configured Apple ID

In case you forgot your Apple ID password and unable to reset it using various recovery options, then you can remove the Apple ID using Stellar Toolkit for iPhone. The software lets you remove the configured Apple ID from your iOS device, even without remembering the password. This helps you to create a new Apple ID on the same device.

To Sum Up

Stellar Toolkit for iPhone is an ideal tool for recovering deleted data from iPhone, repairing iOS issues, and permanently erasing data from iPhone. The software offers an intuitive interface that is very easy-to-use even for non-technical users. It is compatible with all iPads, iPod Touch, and iPhone variants. You can install it on any computer with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.