Watch the Red Dead Online Trailer: Frontier Pursuits

Plus Details on Free Rewards with the New Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club and More

On Tuesday, September 10, the world of Red Dead Online will evolve with Frontier Pursuits – featuring three new Specialist Roles – each with its own unique sequel and activities that will help you find new directions and create a life for yourself on the frontier.

Do the law’s dirty work and claim justice for the most dangerous criminals as one Bounty Hunterteam up with Cripps and turn your camp into a fast-growing company like Trader and search for valuable treasures across the five states as collector.

As you progress through each Role your rank will increase, unlocking new items, perks and skills to enhance your experience. From tricks with your weapon to improved Eagle Eye and much more. For more details on these Frontier Pursuits, including how to get free access to each, check out Tuesday’s new post on the Newswire, and the new page on the Red Dead Online website.

Wheeler, Rawson & Co. proudly serves the five states with frontier-worthy hunting and fishing supplies, clothing fit for everything from mingling with the elite of Saint Denis to camping at Brandywine Drop, and provisions for long-distance travel.

As a token of appreciation to all customers, the company presents the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club: An automatic and free way to unlock and get Rewards as you collect XP (including Role XP) in Red Dead Online. Just play to get new clothes, accessories, a special gun wrap, extra cash, free tonics and more. As a Wheeler, Rawson & Co. customer, you are automatically enrolled in the Club and everything you unlock during your Club Membership period – from September 10 to November 18, 2019 – is yours forever.

The Outlaw Pass, which launches on September 10 alongside the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club, is an upgrade that offers even more items befitting a suave, well-traveled outlaw – at a heavily discounted price. For 35 Gold Bars, members who sign up for the Outlaw Pass will receive a plethora of Pass Rewards, including exclusive clothing, signature styles for your weaponry, decoration for your camp, extra cash, special vouchers and much more. Complete all 70 Ranks to prophesy every advantage, including bonus Gold Bar gifts that add up to 35 Gold Bars.

All Outlaw Pass Rewards, matching your current Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Membership Rank, unlocked instantly when you purchase the Outlaw Pass, and anything you unlock between September 10th and November 18th will remain yours after the Membership period ends.