Red Dead Online | Update brings new weapon, free mode event and more.

After last week’s big updates in Red Dead Online Beta, which included new game systems, experience balancing, more than 300 bug fixes, among other things, two new additions arrive in the game: the Repeat Evans, a weapon that returns from the original Red Dead Redemption and the latest Free Mode Event, Gold Cycle.

New Weapon: Repeating Evans

The Evans Repetition rifle is a powerful long-range weapon known to be part of John Marston’s arsenal during the events of Red Dead Redemption. This rifle has great ammunition capacity and is deadly at medium and long distances, with an especially high rate of fire. It also has customization options such as stock, sights and coatings, which is essential in your character’s weapon inventory. You can get one directly from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog or from any dealer.

Red Dead Online |  Update brings new weapon, free mode event and more

You must always be prepared to boot in a moment of glory, but armor can postpone the inevitable. That’s the idea behind the Free Mode Event Gold Cycle. This is the newest addition to the Free Mode Events rotation, a selection of competitive and special games to which you are invited from time to time amid your exploration of the Red Dead Online beta world. When you choose to participate in a Free Mode Event, you will go to the event location automatically before it starts. Like all Free Mode Events, Ciclo do Ouro is a quick and easy way to have competitive fun and still earn a little XP and money. The mode is also a great way to complete Daily Challenges related to weapons, kills or combat without having to attack players in an open session.

In Cycle of Gold, you will face other players in order to use the Golden Armor and eliminate opponents with it to score points. Eliminating a rival player who is wearing the Golden Armor also awards points, in addition to making the armor available to whoever arrives first.

Red Dead Online |  Update brings new weapon, free mode event and more

In addition to the Gold Cycle, several other Free Mode Events occur regularly in the five states in the Red Dead Online beta:

Red Dead Online |  Update brings new weapon, free mode event and more

  • Giving Soup: fight for control of a target for as long as possible.
  • Competitive Challenges: fight for the highest score in a randomly selected challenge with a given time limit (currently includes the following challenges: Bow and Arrow, Head Shots, Kill on Horse, Long Weapons and Short Weapons).
  • From Cable to Tail: Flocks compete to be the first to deliver a horse to the designated location.
  • Nobody’s land: compete to take and maintain control of the demarcated land while remaining alive within it. Whoever controls the area for the highest percentage of time in the event wins.
  • Master with Bow: compete to score the most points by hitting as many targets as accurately as possible within the time limit.

Red Dead Online |  Update brings new weapon, free mode event and more

Like all Free Mode Events in the Red Dead Online beta, Gold Cycle can be played as Each One for Himself or between Bands. To participate in the Gold Cycle, watch for an alert that will appear on the screen while in Free Mode and then accept the invitation. If a Pack leader accepts an invitation to the Gold Cycle (or any Free Mode Event in the Red Dead Online beta), members of their Pack will automatically join them at the event. As the Red Dead Online beta continues and we collect more data and player feedback, new Free Mode Events will be added, as well as several other new features.

New Utility Package

Red Dead Online |  Update brings new weapon, free mode event and more

We are grateful for all the support the community has given us so far during the beta period, and as a thank you, all participants in the Red Dead Online beta will receive a special Utility Package this week (to be redeemed at the camp locker or any other post office in the five states). The package includes a selection of items that will help players survive on the border and face new Daily Challenges in Free Mode, Free Mode Events, missions or a Conflict Series:

  • 60 Light Pistol Bullets
  • 60 Light Bullets for Repeating Weapon
  • 2 Incendiary Bottles
  • 8 Incendiary Arrows
  • 2 Jolly Jack’s
  • 2 Potent Equine Remedies
  • 1 Artificial Lake Lure

And as an added bonus, anyone who completes five Daily Challenges at any time by March 11 will receive a Special Spinner as a gift next week. O Special Spinner it is an artificial bait that is not lost even if you cut the line, being useful for catching fish of all sizes.

Red Dead Online |  Update brings new weapon, free mode event and more