Red Dead Redemption Online, PC and VR details leaked.

Dataminers reveal code hidden deep in the Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion app, Vampyr is coming to Switch and Fallout 76 not. This and more in the N8W8 of October 28, 2018!

Red Dead Online, PC and VR details leaked

Dataminers have broken open the Red Dead Redemption 2 companion app to get new information about Red Dead Online – and a possible PC and VR version. So they could see that, just like in GTA V, there is an adversary mode in Red Dead Online. In addition, it was announced that the multiplayer will have “private sessions” and “seamless PvE”. The “Rockstar Editor” will also return.

Red Dead Redemption Online, PC and VR details leaked

A number of parameters have also been found that indicate a possible PC or even VR release:

– PARAM_companionAutoConnectIpPC
– PARAM_Oculus
– CommandIsPcVersion (void)

Red Dead Redemption Online, PC and VR details leaked

Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed, but because this data comes directly from the RDR2 app, it is a bit more interesting than the average leak. De Wacht is having a great time with the single player until RDR Online appears, sometime in November. If it turns out that a VR version is coming, he will say goodbye to society and lock himself up in his attic room to explore the Wild West with VR glasses on his knack until the end of time. Yee Haw!

Vampyr is coming to the Switch!

Developer Dontnod has announced that the vampire game we’ve been enjoying for a few months on PS4 and Xbox One is now also coming to Switch. Nothing is known about the release date yet, only that it is coming. Not sure if you want to buy this leech simulator? Read here Wouter’s review and check the trailer:

Red Dead Redemption Online, PC and VR details leaked

… but not Fallout 76.

According to Bethesda’s marketing executive Pete Hines, a port for the Switch was “impossible”. Bethesda’s goal was to bring Fallout 76 to all possible platforms, but it turned out that a version for the Switch was too difficult. He did claim that every project was checked to see if a Switch version was possible. In any case, the next Wolfenstein will come to the Switch again. Can we still shoot nice ___s on the go?

Crash / Spyro bundle coming?

Several US online stores have included the “Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy bundle pack” between their products for PS4 and Xbox One for a few days now. It should be released November 13 and will cost $ 60.

Red Dead Redemption Online, PC and VR details leaked

Most of the pages have now been removed, but it can still be seen at Walmart, for example.

Why The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is better than Red Dead Redemption 2

Point tasks.

Photos surfaced of Nintendo’s first WiiMote … For the GameCube!

An auction site has put some pictures online for Nintendo’s first Wii prototype – then called Revolution. It actually resembles the final product quite well, although this early version still has a few meters of wire attached. Also fun: The D-Pad and A and B buttons are the same as those of the GameBoy Advance SP! Also the “+” and “-” buttons are still called “Select” and “Start” here. A nice piece of game history! This entire package sold for only 74,000 yen (580 euros).

Red Dead Redemption Online, PC and VR details leaked

One Finger Death Punch 2 is coming in April

Have you ever played the original One Finger Death Punch? Like Part 2, it looks a bit clunky, but what a great game it was. As a true ninja warrior you smash through hordes of stick figures with only the left and right mouse button. Awesome.

Anyway, part 2 can be played from April 2019. Check out the trailer here:

That was him again for this Night Watch. Later!

How do you like Read Dead Redemption 2 so far? Your Guard puts on his cowboy hat before he takes a nap. YEE-HAW!

Red Dead Redemption Online, PC and VR details leaked