Reese Witherspoon more than a legal blonde

I am not here to write about the third part of “Legally blonde”, which may surely be produced in the future, but about the career of one of the most emerging actresses of the last decade, Reese witherspoon. This 29-year-old American already has a cache of $ 15 million per film. And it is that the actresses who are capable of filling the cinemas by themselves, are worth that and something more.

Its beginnings, however, were doubtful and somewhat disheartening. But, despite failing in the test they did for “The Cape of Fear” that Juliette Lewis finally took, she spent a few years with minor roles until in 1996 she did “Fear” with Mark Wahlberg, a minor thriller but that caught on in the youthful public. Then in 1998 came “Pleasantville” and in 1999 “Cruel Intentions” in which she starred with her husband Ryan Phillippe (a remake of “Dangerous friendships” but temporarily updated). Along the way he was discarding some papers, such as “Scream”. “Election” (with several critical awards) and “American Psycho” rose in popularity just as her most famous role, Elle Woods, appeared in 2001’s “Legally Blonde”, which had its sequel two years later. (becoming the highest paid actress at that time, above Julia Roberts). The interpretation of this innocent, jovial, but winning character at the same time, caught on at all the box offices. Then the last one in 2004 “Vanity fair”.

This year he will premiere a romantic comedy Just like heaven and a drama about the life of Johnny Cash, played by Joaquin Phoenix Walk the line.

Without losing her mind, Witherspoon has managed to get her fully into the commercial elite of Hollywood. We wish her in the same way that she achieves it also in the challenge of convincing artistically and staying there for a long time. Perhaps the most difficult.

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