Reggie Fils-Aime retired as president of Nintendo of America in early 2019, and has since become prolific on Twitter. He also started a seven-part podcast series called Cat games, with journalist Harold Goldberg. It’s available on Soundcloud, but you can also listen to it on Apple Podcast and other services like Pocket Casts and Stitcher, just search for “New York Videogame Critics Circle”.

In the first episode, Fils-Aime shares some anecdotes about his time with Nintendo and how he became the company’s Western COO, claiming to have “ruined” his hiring by asking to speak with then-president Satoru Iwata. Iwata would become a good friend of hers, but Fils-Aime should not have spoken to her during this procedure, as he would not have been her direct supervisor.

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Fils-Aime reveals why he needed to speak to Iwata due to his doubts about the business. ” I had to feel comfortable running the business” he said. Nintendo was struggling with the GameCube at the time, whose sales were far behind the PlayStation 2. ”While the laptop industry was dominated by Game Boy Advance and Nintendo ran that part of the business, things were tough on the home console side.” , remember.

Fils-Aime also explains later the creation of his “personality”, in view of his first public appearance: “In 2002, 2003, there was a need to communicate to the West what Nintendo was doing, how we were trying to do things differently, not only from what we had done in the past, but from what everyone else was doing in the world. ‘industry.” , remember. “Since the day I was hired in early December 2003, everything revolved around my first E3 in May“At E3 in 2004, Fils-Aime made his first appearance by announcing for the first time, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Nintendo DS.

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« People didn’t know me. It was really the first time that I made my appearance“Fils-Aime said. Recalling E3, he also said that when looking into the crowd, a Nintendo staff member mistook him for a security guard. It’s worth listening to this podcast to retrace some of Nintendo’s history, also because the episodes are used to raise funds for the COVID-19 emergency.

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