Reggie sees Smash Bros. are at the Olympics – eSport Hits.

Welcome to a new edition of esport hits, culminating in ViolentPanda who has since forgotten what losing is. Blizzard is also thinking about competitive StarCraft for the first time, Reggie has nice words about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Shanghai Dragons has a record.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate needs to replace Melee

In an interview with ESPN, Nintendo America boss Reggie announced that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate the Super Smash Bros. must be that everyone is going to play. Right now, the professional esport is very divided, as many pros prefer to play Melee, as that game contains less RNG and more mechanics than Sm4sh, making it the superior game.

Reggie sees Smash Bros.  are at the Olympics – eSport Hits

Furthermore, Reggie has also said that he has played Super Smash Bros. at the Olympics. Various parties are currently discussing esports in combination with the Olympic Games and Super Smash Bros. is one of the candidates to become an Olympic.

By the way, should you attend the finale of the first major Super Smash Bros. Want to check out the Ultimate tournament that was held at E3, you can do so in the video below. The finals of the doubles tournament can be found here, in this final our compatriot Ramim ‘Mr. R’ Delshad, among others, fought.

Reggie sees Smash Bros.  are at the Olympics – eSport Hits

Ninja is not only the most popular, but also the best in Fortnite

Epic Games is going all out with Fortnite esports (esportnite ???) and has set aside $ 100 million for tournaments over the next year and a half. Part of this amount will go to the Fortnite World Cup, announced this week, but some of the amount will also go to smaller tournaments.

This week was the Fortnite Pro Am tournament during E3. During this event, fifty duos, consisting of a streamer and a celebrity, played Fortnite for a good cause. The winner was allowed to donate a million dollars to a charity of his choice.

Reggie sees Smash Bros.  are at the Olympics – eSport Hits

The event took place in the football stadium of Los Angeles FC and in the stands the seats were placed in a special way that very large Fortnite was written out. The hyper-popular streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins won the tournament together with DJ marshmello, which you can watch in full below.

Violentpanda is the best again

Jos ‘ViolentPanda’ is quite good at Rocket League. Last week he won the Rocket League World Championship for the second time in a row. In a very exciting final his organization Team Dignitas won from the American NRG esports. The victory earned Team Dignitas a hundred thousand dollars.

Reggie sees Smash Bros.  are at the Olympics – eSport Hits

In April, Team Dignitas became European champion and ViolentPanda, together with his teammates Alexandre ‘Kaydop’ Courant and Pierre ‘TurboPolsa’ Silfver, was a heavy favorite, but initially did not show that, as it was lost to NRG in the semi-finals. As a result, Dignitas entered the ‘losers bracket’ and had to win two series from NRG in the final. That first series was no problem (4-1), but the second series was only decided after an extension in the deciding game.

PUBG player cheats during big games

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and cheating has unfortunately become a fixed combination. Cheating, meanwhile, is getting so bad that players use illegal tools during official matches.

Team Valhalla performed incredibly well in qualifying for the major PUBG Global Invitational tournament and even made it to the final of the qualifying tournament. That euphoria has now gone, as their player ‘Steezy’ has been caught cheating.

Reggie sees Smash Bros.  are at the Olympics – eSport Hits

Team Valhalla is logically disqualified and the spot is taken by Team Liquid. Steezy himself has not responded, just before he got his ban, he announced on Discord that he has some personal problems.

Twenty years after release, Blizzard comes with its first StarCraft competition

Back in the day when esports was a lot smaller than it is today, Blizzard didn’t care all that much about professional gaming. Fortunately, the company is now very active in esports at Overwatch and Hearthstone, among others, and has now also decided to give the remaster of the original StarCraft its own competition.

The Korea StarCraft League is a tournament that anyone can participate in. Most matches are online, but the finals are played in Seoul, but you are also welcome as a Western player. Two seasons of approximately four months will be played, each with a prize pool of $ 75,000.

Reggie sees Smash Bros.  are at the Olympics – eSport Hits

Overwatch team Shanghai Dragons worst professional sports team of all time

The fourth and final period of the Overwatch League’s inaugural season ended yesterday, and Shanghai Dragons managed to lose all 40 games in the first season. That doesn’t mean they’ll end the season without a title, as the tame dragons have the dubious honor of being the worst professional sports team of all time. Congratulations.

Incidentally, the period was surprisingly won by Los Angeles Valiant. That team managed to beat two-time period winner New York Excelsior in the final. Now that the regular season is over, the top six teams will compete in the playoffs starting July 11 for a place in the final that takes place in New York on July 28.

What is on the agenda, among other things

League of Legends

What: League of Legends Championship Series
When: From June 15 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Where: Twitch

Reggie sees Smash Bros.  are at the Olympics – eSport Hits

In two weeks (July 2) there will be a new eSport Hits, you can expect it every two weeks on Monday.