New year, new rumors. Or even that, because the next version of Google’s mobile operating system is already being talked about even since the launch of the last one, so we can talk about everything we think we know about Android 12.

Google’s system lays the foundation for developers and for the software added by third-party manufacturers in the form of layers of customization, from which Android sometimes “learns” some. Looking ahead to the next version, we talk about interesting functions beyond the physical changes that may occur, we see what is rumored and what is leaking.

What mobiles will be compatible with Android 12?

Usually the first to receive the new system in a guaranteed way are the latest Google Pixels. Android 11 came first to the Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Pixel 3a and 3a XL and Pixel 4 and 4 XL, so to these the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 will be added. Of course, they will be left out of that group The Pixel 2, which after three years having the new version of the system, they already received the last one in 2020.

It will be necessary to see if at that point there is already another Google mobile, seeing that last year the manufacturer waited until the end of September to present the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G. Also, there is always some manufacturer added to this list of first timers, being last year for Android 11 OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and Realme (with a selection of their mobiles).

What will the design of Android 12 look like?

When there is supposedly little left to know the new version of Google’s system, a document has been leaked in which detailed views of what could be a good part of the Android 12 interface are shown, although it is not clear if they are sketches or actual catches. Furthermore, the leak speaks of a further customization, so perhaps so much change is due to that.

What we see are muted color tones with a predominance of brown, an interface with larger elements and with more space between them and the alternation between circular and square elements with rounded edges. You see additions such as the camera usage notices that we saw in iOS since version 14, highlighting a widget for conversations that would gather everything that happens in the installed applications.

What will be the main novelties of Android 12?

Although in theory there is relatively little left to expect to know some of its characteristics (As we will see in the final section), it is still too early to learn about Android 12 features. We can start with what Google itself has already been advancing, although it remains a still not very specific approach:

“Some developers have given us ‘feedback’ on how to improve the user experience around installing another app store. In response to that, there will be changes in Android 12 (next year’s version of Android) to make it easier to people use other app stores on their devices without compromising Android security measures. We are designing it right now and we hope to share more about this in the future!

This came after Epic Games’ opposition to using Google and Apple’s payment methods. In fact, another point they made clear is that in Android 12 the apps that remain on Google Play must use the Google system and consequently pay a 30% commission.

What has also been talked about by several leaks is the new functions for save space and hibernate apps automatically. As they reminded us in Engadget Android when talking about this, in Android the applications go through different states: started, paused, resumed, stopped, destroyed, to which the hibernation would be added (according to the AOSP code).

In the absence of knowing exactly how it will work, what was seen in the code indicated that applications that are not actively being used will be allowed to hibernate, so that they can be “optimized for storage”. We will see what final configuration this offers and how it affects the background, taking into account the options that developers have in the end (and if it affects notifications).

In addition to this, XDA Developers showed that Google seemed to plan to make Android Runtime (ART) one of the main modules of Android 12. Something that could lead to the company distributing system updates via the Google Play Store instead of in the form of OTA (Over The Air), as is done to date.

Beyond the format, if so it would open the door to updates do not pass through the “borders” of manufacturers and they reached all users before, although it may be something that cannot be applied to all of them.

It seems that Google also saves something perhaps quite expected for Android 12: split screen improvements. What was leaked is that under the name of “App Pairs”, apparently it will be possible to choose two applications from among the recent ones and pair them so that they open in split screen mode, so that it will be more direct than the way to do it in the current version of Android (speaking of the version without customization layers).

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In addition, for Android 12 the double tap on the back to be able to perform certain actions such as opening the wizard or executing some other customizable tasks, such as stopping or continuing playback, taking a screenshot or opening the recent view or the notification panel. We will see if it is in this version when it comes out and if it goes beyond the Pixels.

References to a new restricted network mode have also been seen in the source code of what would become Android 12, that is, a firewall that would restrict network access for unauthorized applications. Google apps would be saved by having a permission that would facilitate access to the network, but third parties do not have it, so the firewall would affect downloaded apps.

Among the most recent is a function related to the emojis. Specifically, Android 12 would allow updating the emojis and system fonts from Google Play, which would mean that Android fonts and emojis would continue to be accessible by the different apps, but they could also be updated separately, through Google Play.

On the other hand, from Android Central they expose some of the work being done at Google, although there is nothing clear in order to see it in Android 12. Improvements such as scrolling captures (already applied by various manufacturers in their layers), in cloud backups, in navigation or in app management in the background among others, so it will be necessary to see which lines of work bear some fruit in the next version of Android.

What is the release date of Android 12?

Given that the Android 11 developer version arrived in February 2020, you might think that it won’t be long before we see the Android 12 developer preview and that towards february We could already know data from Android 12. In fact, we can almost start preparing the Pixels in case we want to test the first betas.

Traditionally, Google I / O had served to announce a large number of news and aspects of the new version of the system that Google was preparing, but last year it was not held (or in virtual version) due to the coronavirus. So perhaps this year they will dare to do something like CES, which in its 2021 edition has been entirely virtual, but at the moment there are no clues that there will be again a great developer conference (which used to be in June).

The full version is usually released in SeptemberAs we saw also for Android 11. So except for major changes this new version of the system will arrive just to start the new course to a selection of Android phones (and progressively to the rest).

release date, news, compatible models and everything you think