For all those who forget their car in the huge parking lot of the mall and never remember where they leave it every time they park on the street, Siri and Maps have the solution. iOS offers a feature in combination of its virtual assistant and the location application that allows us to know quickly and without even having to do anything where we parked the car. in a moment.

This functionality works thanks to the bluetooth systems of the car radio and the hands-free equipment. Taking advantage of the disconnection of the iPhone from the vehicle, it automatically saves the position it is in at that moment, so that it remembers exactly where it was disconnected from the car. You want to know how to activate the parked parking function from iOS? We show you step by step how to do it.

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Parking cover

This is how our iPhone is set up to remember where we parked

As we mentioned before, the system, once activated, does not require more interaction from the user than calling Siri and asking. Where did I park the car?However, to get there, we first had to configure the system to remember it. To do so, follow these steps:

  • 1st Open Settings on your iPhone.

  • 2e Click on Plans.

  • 3e Swipe down from the menu and make sure you’ve turned on the toogle that says Show parked car.


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In addition to that, we also need to make sure that the option Location of the iPhone is active, to do this:

  • 4e In Settings We will go to confidentiality.

  • 5e Click on the first option where it says Location.

  • 6e Make sure the toogle that says Location It is activated.

  • 7e Tracking, under the toogle of Location You will find a list with the access permissions for the applications. Search Plans and click on it.

  • 8th In the first block that we will see, click on When using the app.

To complete the configuration of the service, simply activate the option Important places, here’s how to do it:

  • 9th We return to the menu Location in confidentiality, and we go where it says at the bottom System services, we press to enter.

  • 10e We slide down until we see the option Important places, click on it and drag the toogle if it is not already active.

If you have reached this point, you have already activated the entire system for locating the position of your parked car. It only remains to know how to access this information, and for that What could be better than asking Siri?

Man using iPhone on the street

How to access the position of our parked car

The easiest way is to ask Siri Where did I park my car?, so that the virtual assistant returns us the position in Vehicle Maps. If, on the other hand, we prefer to do it in a much more manual way, if we go into the Maps app and swipe up and down in its interface, our car’s position should appear in the first or second option. We will just have to click on it for the iPhone to give us the instructions to get there.

Cars in the street

Add additional information to the location of the car

The maps, in addition to recording the position of the vehicle, allow us to attach additional information about the place, both in writing and by adding an image to the recorded position. To do this, following the steps to find the car manually in the application, if we click on the icon of the parked car, we will see it as a drop-down list allows us to add a note in which to put a significant detail of the place if this makes it easier for us to find later, as site photosFor example, if we want to leave a record of the cars we had parked on the sides, a photo of the parking receipt or just to make the location more visual.

As you have seen, this function can be very useful, and once activated, it does not require any type of additional interaction when leaving the vehicle. Finding the car is only a question for Siri, which comes in handy when we are in a little-known location. The next time you don’t waste time looking for your car, Siri and Maps will take care of your back.

Source : Techradar