It is the first time that a repost has been made on the web but the occasion deserves it. Last week the seventh chapter of the podcast was published and I made the mistake of not putting the video in public for a few hours. This meant that many people thought it did not work and others were left without entering.

To try to correct that error and because I owe it to the people behind the podcast, this repost is made. We hope you appreciate the transparency and if not wait for the next post. A hug.

Original Post:

Everyone welcome, boys and girls, to one more program of our beloved SamaGame podcast. We are sorry that the rate of publications had to be monthly but it has coincided in times of a lot of work on a personal level and we wanted to try some different formats. We will try to compensate you this month with another program format that we hope you like.

I also make a small note due to the survey we conducted last week about the SamaGame podcast that has given us some very interesting data. I wanted to highlight a fact that has surprised the whole team and it is the fact that almost a 80% of people did not even know the existence of the podcast. And that has hurt us a bit. Not for visits, you can have my word that we do not benefit from this. We do it out of the desire for communication and our love for video games.

But it is a bit annoying that despite all the work we do to bring each new program, we see that many people do not even identify us as the official podcast of the page. So, as a friend’s favor, I no longer ask that you like it or not that this is a perfectly valid opinion. But if I would like you would share it with people who do not know it or who usually listen to podcast so that, at least, they know we exist.

That said, I leave you with my usual details: The program’s menu, the list of songs, the links for you to listen to it on the platform that you like the most and a new contact telephone number for the program in case you need to ask us any questions, leave us a question or even if you think you have the ability to participate in a program, do not hesitate to contact me without obligation.

Program menu:

3:25 – Devil May Cry V.
30:15 – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
(In the next program we promise to bring you the answers to your questions that we have not forgotten)

Song chart:

Analysis / Review Devil May Cry V: Essence of Datum.
Analysis / Criticism Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: Killers.

Link to the program on other platforms:

Link to Ivoox.
Link to Spotify.

Official contact email:

[email protected]