The structure of this type of article is immediately clear when you read its title. An editor is tasked with replaying a game, then decides whether it’s worth taking the title out of the closet today – Replay – or moving quickly to the sequel – FastForward -. This time, we’ll be working with Mafia, now that its successor is almost on the shelves. As we review games from the past in these articles, spoilers may be present, so it’s best to be careful if you haven’t played the affected game yet.

“But, but… He’s one of us…” Ray stammered after checking the basement for listening equipment. “Well, do you really think I don’t realize that stupid?” Don Tony replied indignantly. “I was friends with Paulie when you weren’t even in the womb. He was one of the best capos this family had ever known. But what he did cannot be justified. It’s horrible to see the promise of faithfully, and the bastard looked damn happy when he did too! Ray tried to make sense, “But the cops gave him no choice, boss!” As Tony slapped him in the face he lashed out, “Did I just say his actions are unforgivable?” How dare you even go against my orders? No, tomorrow Paulie is sleeping with the fish, you can go from there. ”

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The criminal spaghetti eaters who sometimes dare to live like the Mafia owe their popularity not to the news in which they regularly surface, but rather to imaginative series like The Godfather and The Sopranos. If you, as a gamer, want your share of waste handling * wink *, you’ve got to settle for a bunch of MMO games that can be played through your internet browser, the most famous of which is without a doubt the Mafia Wars Facebook application. But I forget Mafia: City of Lost Heaven by Illusion Softworks, a full-fledged game from 2002.

It might be the only true mafia game, but it’s a game that scores particularly well in a number of areas. For starters, there’s the story, which is told through countless cut scenes that vary the gameplay. The voices of some of the characters in the game have even been provided by actors from the Sopranos. The story is about Tommy, who tells his story to a police inspector. Towards the end of the game, you’ll learn why he approached the agent, a successful motivation to keep following the story. He tells about his life as a taxi driver when one day he was forced to help gangsters escape. His talents were discovered this way, and before he knew it he was at the forefront of organized crime doing chores for the Salieri family. During the game you play that part of his life and you gain more and more respect from Don Salieri, the big boss of the family, who mainly has to deal with a gang of rival gangs (the police are fine). largely corrupted). During his experiences, he questions more and more the hard life of the Mafia, which offers a nice additional dimension.

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The Mafia is set between the two world wars, during atmospheric America of the 1930s, and that immediately brings us to another highlight. The fictional open world called Lost Heaven not only fits perfectly into the spirit of the game, but it’s also extremely large and looks remarkably detailed for the time the game is released. Some missions even take place at night or in the countryside, which offers the necessary variety. The virtual city is still nice today. People walking around the bustling world are dressed in typical period clothes and you can hear various atmospheric music tunes like these on the radio. Plus, you can drive 70 different cars that you could now sell for millions as a former. In the carcyclopedia, you can check out the true specs of all these four-wheelers. The best models are added to your fleet towards the end of the game, and you can’t steal them until a mechanic shows you how to break the lock.

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Realism is therefore certainly a cornerstone of the mafia. For starters, the police are stricter than, say, in the GTA. If you are driving too fast (over 60 km / h!), Ignore a red light or show a gun in public, you will already have the long arm of the law behind you. If you do stop you usually get rid of it with a fine, but if it involves weapons or you commit a hit and run you can visit the jail if they can pick you up. And believe me, the AI ​​of the opponents in a car should not be underestimated in this game. This way I constantly caught myself checking that no police were coming, which real Mafia members always do. Other examples of trying to match reality are injuries you can suffer from crashing into your car and car locks that take a long time to open. You can also use the train (although you can’t skip the actual ride, which usually makes you faster with the car) and you lose the bullets that were still in the warehouse that you throw away when you reload. The cars all have a specific driving style as well: some will hardly be able to carry you up a hill, others will ignite as if it were nothing.

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And then we finally come to the missions. There are 20 in total, and they are all challenging, exciting, and unique. Unfortunately, the word challenge usually brings frustration as well, and it is no different here. At some levels your car is a little too slow during a chase, your partner is dying all the time, or you are not sure where to go. But the satisfaction is all the greater if you finally manage to complete the level successfully. Moreover, these real life issues are also present which makes the game all the more realistic. Patience is another requirement if you want to start with the game: for example, there is a mission where you have to manually load 12 chests into a truck. Realistic, but boring. Wait… I may have forgotten to mention the men with machine guns who can grab you at any time. You’ve heard it before: everything you expect from a mafia game is built into the missions. Transport the boss to dinner to avoid an attack on him, wild car chases, stealth missions, damage enemy cars with a baseball bat, mow down dozens of rivals with a Thompson pistol, buy beer in black, alive and people in important positions who know too much kill it, you name it.

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As if that wasn’t enough, there are a lot of side missions in the form of assignments that you need to complete for a particular Mechanic. They usually test your driving skills against the clock, and if you manage to complete them, the mechanic will give you information on a new sports car that you can fly to add to your fleet. Fortunately, these missions are not mandatory, as you have to drive from here to there, and it can certainly get very boring after a while if it fails. In addition, the game includes a free ride mode, in which you can choose a number of environmental factors such as the size of the terrain, the number of officers and pedestrians, which car you start with,… Everything revolves around the game. Money in this part of the game: eliminate gangsters, play taxi Driving fast and blowing up cars are just a few examples of actions that earn you money. Due to the fines imposed by the police, you naturally lose some of the money. Free ride dramatically extends playing time and barely makes you notice the lack of multiplayer.

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I’m not going to end up doing it. Mafia is the best mafia game I have ever played. It is also the only mafia game I have ever played. The gameplay of the game is basically similar to that of GTA. In addition to this formula for success, the game always manages to get out of the corner in a very original way because of the unique setting, the variation of the missions,… In short: the mafia sauce. Do not hesitate to play again before starting with Mafia II, it is certainly worth reliving those nostalgic moments today. And if you’ve never been a mafia player before, well… then you might wake up the next morning riding a horse.

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Conclusion: replay

Source : IGN