Resident Evil 4: 15 years of the game that revolutionized the industry.

It is no exaggeration to say that Resident Evil 4 has served as a foundation for dozens of games from fifteen years ago, let alone conclude that the game has revolutionized not only the most famous zombie franchise of all time, but also the gaming industry. in general. In January 2005, the Game Cube received a game that would forever change the course of the industry.

The fourth title in the Resident Evil saga completed a mere fifteen years last week and in this article we will take a small journey through time to exalt the importance of this game, which, even in the year of launch of acclaimed games like God of War, Kingdom Hearts II and Shadow of The Colossus, did not lose its luster and conquered its space.

Resident Evil 4: 15 years of the game that revolutionized the industry

A milestone in the industry: modern and innovative

If Leon is one of the most popular characters in the franchise today, you can be sure that it was “the fault” of Resident Evil 4. The rookie – who in Resident Evil 2 was on his first day at work in the chaotic Racoon City taken over by zombies – was now an elite agent of the American government and obeyed direct orders from the President of the United States. Leon’s mission here was to rescue the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, who was kidnapped by a religious sect.

The game is set in Spain, in a kind of medieval village full of cattle, the name given to the hosts of “Las Plagas”, a virus that transformed these people into a kind of aggressive zombies, using weapons and physical attacks.

Resident Evil 4: 15 years of the game that revolutionized the industry

Resident Evil 4, in addition to having an interesting lore and full of relevant events, has a fantastic setting, with well-worked elements in different scenarios, being them in a village surrounded by trees, inside a castle, or even in the industrial area of an abandoned island.

Coming out of the bonds established by the holy trinity of PS One, leaving aside very important elements for the franchise until that moment, such as the tank movement with static scenarios and survival horror, the fourth title in the franchise, developed by Resident Evil’s father, Shinji Mikami , adopted several elements that made up a successful recipe.

Resident Evil 4: 15 years of the game that revolutionized the industry

The camera, previously static, gave way to a new model, known as “over the shoulder” or “camera over the shoulder”, as you prefer; nowadays it is a very common element in the games of this generation, and know that Resident Evil 4 was the main culprit for this.

Another element that was completely ruled out, and even part of the franchise’s identity, was the survival horror genre, which totally limited its resources and made the player survive the chaos in an intelligent and strategic way. In Resident Evil 4, the action genre was prevalent, since it was now possible to obtain resources through purchases (merchant), breaking boxes and even collecting money and ammunition from the slaughtered body of cattle.

Resident Evil 4: 15 years of the game that revolutionized the industry

Residentevil Merchant GIF from Residentevil GIFs

Look, adopting the action as the predominant element in the game gave something to talk about at the time and, thanks to that, Resident Evil 4 was a true watershed of the franchise, but in general, it was very well received by the critics

Resident Evil 4: 15 years of the game that revolutionized the industry

The item organization system was also the difference here, and even inspired future games in the franchise to adopt the same system. Who has never spent at least five hours organizing Leon’s suitcase?

In addition to being the darling of many fans of the franchise, the fourth numbered title in the franchise has also become a reference for some games, including the current generation. For comparison, the new God of War went through the same process of “readaptation”, where it was necessary to change the identity of the entire saga, since the same formula as always was beginning to show signs of saturation. Guess which game served as the basis to remodel the gameplay of Kratos’ new adventure? Right who answered Resident Evil 4.

Devil May Cry, the from Resident Evil 4

Led by Hideki Kamiya – who has the direction of Resident Evil 2 on his resume – the first game in the Devil May Cry franchise should be none other than Resident Evil 4. Kamiya and his group, entitled “team little devil “, They visited some castles in Spain so that they could serve as inspiration for the new scenarios of the game.

Resident Evil 4: 15 years of the game that revolutionized the industry

However, the producer wanted to make a Resident Evil focused entirely on the action, and was prepared to use characters with superhuman strengths and take pre-rendered scenarios from the game, focusing on the dynamic camera as a way to provide a more in-depth experience in hack and slash.

Faced with this, Kamiya was instructed by Shinji Mikami to disconnect from the project, as he believed that the idea of ​​a Resident Evil with frantic action was a drastic medium and, consequently, would compromise the identity of the franchise, which had another proposal.

Once free of this standard, Kamiya felt more comfortable adding some essential elements that made Devil May Cry such a different game from the rest and, like Resident Evil 4, has conquered a legion of fans over the years; besides being considered until today as the father of all the hack and slash style, inspiring great titles like God of War and Bayonetta – this second, from Kamiya himself.

For every star in the sky, there is a version of Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 and Skyrim, from Bethesda, walk in parallel and have even turned into memes, for the simple fact that both games are released for absolutely ANY video game. It seems an exaggeration, but the fourth title in the series has already received versions for more than ten platforms. Better to show than talk, so let’s go to the versions:

Resident Evil 4: 15 years of the game that revolutionized the industry

Biohazard 4 (Japanese) and Resident Evil 4 PAL (European)

The Japanese version of the game censored the animation of Leon’s decapitation by Dr. Salvador (or chainsaw man) and changed the name of the mini-game “Assignment Ada” to “Ada The Spy”. The European version, on the other hand, came with easy mode and some stronger weapons at all levels of difficulty, except that the German version of the game was strongly censored.

PlayStation 2, 3 and 4

Released two years after being released on the Game Cube, the PS2 version had drastic drops in graphics, but in compensation it brought the mini-game “Separate Ways” – which told the adventure of Ada in parallel with that of Leon -, two weapons different (a shotgun and an explosive arrowhead), alternative clothes for Ashley and Leon, and the PRL 412 weapon, the famous “laser weapon”, that killed any enemy with one shot.

Years later the same version was released for PlayStation 3/4 and Xbox 360 / One, through a remaster, with significant changes only for the redesigned look and the trophy system.

Resident Evil 4: 15 years of the game that revolutionized the industry

It is worth mentioning that this version of PlayStation 2 was responsible for Mikami’s departure from Capcom, since the producer was pressured by the company to launch the game for other consoles, something that he refused to do since the launch for the Game Cube.

PC and Ultimate HD

This version was received in the worst possible way by the players, despite being the same released on the PlayStation 2. Published on the platform by Ubisoft, the port had several problems, among them terrible graphics qualities and without support for the mouse. Fortunately, the port was fixed with a patch.

The ultimate HD is considered the definitive version of all platforms, as it has a game-worthy look of the current generation, running at 60 fps and very minimalist, with every detail worked. In Europe this version won physical edition.

Nintendo Wii and Switch

The big difference here was the beautiful combination that the Wii controller (wiimote + nunchuck) provided, since it was even possible to buy weapon support to adapt the controls. It is worth mentioning that the weapon’s laser came out in this version, giving way to the Wii’s sights. This version is the same as the PS2.

The Switch version was recently launched and the only difference that stands out is the portability of the console, since it is possible to play anywhere you go.

IOS and Zeebo

Resident Evil 4 became a meme in the industry precisely because it was released for totally random platforms. For IOS, despite the game being adapted in the simplest possible way, it was a good tool to test the power of some cell phones of the time, since the wave of smarthphones was starting to take its first steps.

For those who do not know, Zeebo was the first console entirely Brazilian, and also received a version of Resident Evil 4. It was practically the same port of IOS, had no cutscenes, soundtrack, and was so censored that the cattle turned blue.

Resident Evil 3.5

This was not exactly a version of the game, but a prototype, a kind of alpha model, which was later discarded. In this version, supernatural terror was prevalent and Leon had to deal with entities that appeared because of his hallucinations. The enemy, who had a hook in his hand, acted similarly to Nemesis, and chased him throughout the gameplay.

Resident Evil 4: 15 years of the game that revolutionized the industry

The game had an incredible look and a very dark ambience, but was discarded for being “too supernatural”, deviating a lot from the Resident Evil standard. Check out the gameplay for this version:

Legacy for the franchise

In technical terms, Resident Evil 4 has inspired many games over the years and has been a milestone for the franchise. Resident Evil 5 and 6 were released with the same premise, but clearly improved. In the fifth title, the great achievement was the possibility of playing in co-op, with two players playing at home or online, and it was a lot of fun. In RE 6, the big difference (and obligation) was being able to walk and shoot at the same time, in addition to a new system that allowed the character to run faster.

In the revelations series, small sparks of the survival horror genre began to emerge again, until in Resident Evil 2 Remake we had the best of both worlds: survival horror in its purest essence and the over the shoulder camera, which had revolutionized the franchise in the past. In Resident Evil 7, the premise was different, since I had fully embraced terror with the sinister jump scare, but that is talk for another article.

Resident Evil 4: 15 years of the game that revolutionized the industry

Yeah, friends, about fifteen years ago you came home from school and started running your “play 2” to play Resident Evil 4 on your grandmother’s 29 inch tube TV, which kept saying that “video game spoils TV” . Time passes, doesn’t it?

What was your first contact with Resident Evil 4? Tell us what that experience was like in the comments section below.