Resident Evil 8 Village – Play through the difficulty level on Village of Shadows

Resident Evil 8 Village has four levels of difficulty. Simple and normal are really harmless and are meant to get to know each other. Almost too nice. The third degree, hard, is a completely different number and even challenges veterans. And then there is Resident Evil “Village of Shadows” … Over-brutal, Ultra-Doom, just plain perverse … But luckily there is an almost simple trick that the game offers you.

Unlock Village of Shadows: You must have completed Resident Evil Village once to unlock “Village of Shadows” as the fourth difficulty level. It doesn’t matter whether you do it easy or hard.

New Game Plus in Resident Evil Village: The game is very nice to you, because when you are through it, a final score is created. Load this and you will be asked about the level of difficulty and Resident Evil 8 starts over. You notice the small difference in the village: You have all the weapons and all the equipment with which you ended the previous game. Not only that, the weapons are also leveled up and even treasures that you haven’t sold yet remain in your inventory. That makes the game a little easier to say the least …

Infinite ammunition: High-level weapons are great for the second round, even better is infinite shots that don’t even clutter your inventory. To do this, you have to complete the challenges and trophies and with the AP points earned in this way, you first unlock two weapons in the main menu – Chris pistol and MP – which do not cost much with infinite ammunition. Not only do you have to have all other weapons and upgrade them to their maximum level in order to unlock infinite ammunition, you also have to have bought or found all upgrades for this weapon. Read how to do this in the Weapons chapter. Of course, it is best to have a fully developed STAKE magnum with unlimited ammunition, even if it takes a few rounds.

Resident Evil 8 Village – Play through the difficulty level on Village of ShadowsHelps immensely on Village of Shadows: You can unlock all weapons with infinite ammunition if you play through Resident Evil Village often enough.Resident Evil 8 Village – Play through the difficulty level on Village of Shadows

Now you are ready for the “Village of Shadows”, the ultra-hard mode of Resident Evil Village. It is probably somehow theoretically possible that you survive this with the normal starting equipment, but since any normal zombie or werewolf can kill you with two attacks and even take normal junk hits as if it were a pillow fight, it is only for the over-experts in this Game.

In general, not that much changes in the course of the game. The usual way through the sections remains the same as usual. But there are a few places where the opponents are not only stronger, there are also more of them. For example, in the beginning you don’t just have a few normal werewolves in the field, but two armored ones that you can deal with if you don’t just run through. In return, there is significantly more money, even simple opponents at the beginning already have 2500 lei or more with them. So it’s perfect for leveling up all the weapons that you might still be missing.

The castle and the Lady Dimitrescu remain very similar, the fights against the daughters are a bit harder because, like all enemies, they deal and take more. More zombies appear in the courtyard, otherwise the number of them stays the same. The lady as a dragon at the end can endure more, but has no new tricks up her sleeve.

The sections Beneviento and Moreau are practically identical, as neither of them have many monsters anyway and the timing in the villa with the monster in the basement or the escape to the reservoir has not been changed. Moreau can take a little more, and you should really take cover under a roof if he spits acid, but otherwise you don’t have much to worry about here.

Resident Evil 8 Village – Play through the difficulty level on Village of ShadowsThe toughest opponent: Heisenberg against your tank.

In the factory it starts to get hairy for the first time when your weapons are not at their maximum level. In the foundry you already have a heavily armored soldier instead of the usual zombies, and here and there there is another extra. But that’s nothing against Heisenberg on the village of shadows. He doesn’t do anything different than usual, but three blows are enough to kill you in your mini-tank. You just have to be lucky, because not only is his strength much higher, he can withstand a lot and the first phase of the fight takes three to four very long minutes. You have to use the cover that you get in the form of the plates if you interrupt his hurricane. Then hold back the strong shot until it gets too close or races towards you with a raised fist to create distance. Always concentrate your fire on one of the three points in order to have a break and tackle the next point. If you survive this, it will be easier. In the next phase on foot you are not allowed to be hit – apparently it is a bit of luck whether you survive a hit and can heal yourself, but at least you have your highly leveled weapons with which you can keep Heisenberg at bay more easily.

The section with Chris is also a bit like the tank ride. By not bringing your own over-bred weapons, you’ll need to dodge more, heal faster, and be a little lucky. Only use your lightning grenades during the boss fight against the giant with the club in order to be able to take aim at him in peace, because otherwise it is almost impossible in the cave. Even with that, the fight lasts a lot longer, because apparently the giant hardly takes any damage. Fortunately only apparently, at some point he’ll fall over.

Finally, Miranda is a little easier, depending on how high your weapons are. You just have to remember to always block her attacks, as they do significantly more damage and heal you in time if she lands a heavy hit. The fight itself remains the same.

When you have finished “Village of Shadows”, you can look forward to a few very special unlockable weapons.

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