Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero

Usually, when talking about the four or five sagas par excellence, we usually find Resident Evil among them. Capcom’s work has expanded into several universes, including cinema? although it was with films of questionable quality. This market expansion includes the appearance of at least one title on practically all platforms and as many filler spin-offs for purely commercial purposes. But since you have to stay with the good, there are those majestic games that the saga created by Shinji Mikami has given us.

It is for all this that a stir was created when the father of the creature announced a few years ago the exclusivity of the series of the undead for GameCube, and that if not, he would cut off his head. We are still waiting for you.

They say that time erases everything, that is why we are not surprised that in a new example of commerciality, the Japanese company has reissued for Wii ?? for now ?? Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil Zero, perhaps to amend the error of the poor distribution that they had at the time, giving a second chance to the less savvy. Curiously, this title that concerns us was so far the only one in the saga that still remained faithful to Gamecube.

Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero

With Resident Evil Zero we find ourselves before a prequel where the events that occurred a day before what was experienced in the first Resident Evil are narrated. The Racoon City Police Department sends the STARS Bravo team to investigate a series of murders that occurred in the Arklay Mountains, but the helicopter crashes on the way. In the team is Rebecca Chambers, the main heroine, who after investigating the area finds the documents of Billy Coen, our second protagonist. The downside is that he turns out to be a former Marine sentenced to death for no less than 23 murders. And it also seems fresh out of ?? Women and Men and Vice versa ??.

At one point, Rebecca is separated from her companions to investigate the place on her own until she runs into a train, where this whole story starts. After a few intense first minutes of play, both protagonists run into each other and must cooperate to get out of the zombie invasion that is devastating the place alive.

Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero

This is where we find the greatest hallmark of Resident Evil Zero, the cooperation between the two characters. Although the feeling of loneliness disappears, it is vital to carry out joint tasks between the two protagonists. We can exchange between the two by pressing just one button, taking into account which is the ideal for each situation. Although as the adventure progresses we will do it instinctively, this addition is only remarkable in specific moments where, due to the requirements of the script, they must separate and save each other’s butts.

It is a shame that for this reissue a cooperative mode has not been included which at this point would be the most logical thing and could be a proof of purchase for those who already have the title. We simply find a 1: 1 port that does not contribute absolutely anything with respect to its original version.

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