Resident Evil Village reportedly had content cut from Moreau’s swamp segment, one of the shortest sessions in Capcom’s hit. The insider Dusk Golem, specialized in sharing curiosities about the franchise, revealed this Wednesday (6) that the scenario would be bigger and would have enemies similar to mermaids under the waters, which would be able to stun the player from a distance with their screams.

In a sequence of tweets, the insider explains that the swamp would be open and very similar to what players find in Resident Evil 7’s End of Zoe expansion. He also claims that the location would have a stalking enemy, which would likely be Moreau himself . He is described as a type of snotty Tyrant capable of shooting acid and scratching the player with claws.

(1/7) I was thinking about this, so going to talk about it. Moreau’s area RE8 was trimmed a lot, I don’t think I’ve actually sat down & fully explained what I knew about Moreau’s swamp area pre it being trimmed, so I think I’ll do so now.

Moreau’s section was cut a lot because

— AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@AestheticGamer1) April 6, 2022

“Even on earth, could be annoying with their screams that stunned and slowed players down for a period,” reveals the insider. “The scream had a second purpose, as the swamp had a stalking enemy. […] The mermaid attack would also attract this stalker, which I think would be the main threat over land routes,” he added.

From the looks of it, all of this content has been revised so that the team can focus on Dimitrescu Castle and the Heisenberg Factory. Dusk Golem further explains that the swamp needed a major rework to make it fun, but the team had limited time and budget.

Finally, the insider adds that this session would also feature rituals of sorts around bonfires with lycans and “witches”, which would basically be what Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters are in the final version, but would have a very different role at the beginning. of development.

“They had items around the ritual site, and it would be possible to either sneak past them or fight over the items,” he concluded.

Resident Evil Village rescues first-person gameplay perspective and continues the story of Ethan Winters.Source: Disclosure / Capcom

It is worth remembering that Capcom is working on additional content for Resident Evil Village, but details have not been revealed since June last year. Currently, the game ranks tenth among the company’s biggest commercial successes, with 5.7 million units sold worldwide.

O voxel covered the launch of Resident Evil Village, which is the first title in the series fully localized in Brazilian Portuguese. In the analysis, we highlight that “Village masterfully performs its fluid gameplay and exquisite setting, but fails to use great elements in a shallow way.”

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