returnableHousemarque’s award-winning third-person shooter is coming to PC today (Steam and Epic). The game, which is already available for purchase at a price of €59.99, includes NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR technologies, which improve framerate without compromising resolution.

Starting today, PC gamers will be able to learn the story of Selene, an astronaut who for the first time in her career disobeys her superiors and travels to the alien planet Atropos, following a mysterious signal. When she arrives, she crashes into an alien forest littered with the ruins of an ancient civilization. Selene will soon discover that she is trapped in the depths of a cosmic mystery: a time loop which will cause him to revive every time he dies.

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The exploration in returnable will be critical to collecting the snippets of Selene’s story, where the environments will be procedurally generated. The developer studio has worked to make the title a challenging and rewarding experience, with variety and depth in biomes, weapons and enemies, designed for high replayability. The title has a online asynchronous functionality, and careful listening immersion, as well as a series of daily challenges to challenge players, which will change every day, testing their ability.

The game, so far only available for the next-generation console PS5, also includes NVIDIA NIS for those players who want to enjoy the enhanced visual experience but do not have DLSS or FSR-capable hardware.

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Just like in the PS5 version, returnable for PC will continue to make use of ray tracing in the shadows, where they will also include this technology applied to reflections, making the contrast in dark environments even more prominent.

As for the sound, the player will be able to enjoy the award-winning soundtrack in Dolby Atmos, two 3D sound options or 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. Besides, returnable on PC it will be compatible with DualSense, maintaining the original haptic technology of the controller using a cable.

Since its exclusive launch for PS5 in 2021, returnable He has garnered praise from critics throughout the world, and has been awarded prestigious awards such as the BAFTAs. The title, developed by the Finnish studio Housemarque, proposes a unique mix of different genrescombining an explosive arcade formula and bullet hell-style gameplay, delivering frenetic action and dark sci-fi cinematic storytelling.