Returnal: How to find the key to Selene’s house. Many users have doubts about this new exclusive game for PlayStation 5, how for example where to find certain in-game items, including Selene’s house key, an important article to continue this adventure. In this guide we will explain all the details Returnal: How to find the key to Selene’s house.

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Returnal: How to find the key to Selene’s house, complete guide

Returnal revolves around the astronaut Selene who lands on the planet Atropos and gets trapped. in this. This is a planet full of aggressive creatures that will not let the protagonist escape. Every time Selene dies she revives again in his destroyed spaceship, and each new “cycle” he discovers that everything around him has changed, therefore it is trapped in this time loop. In the middle of this strange world, she finds a house just like hers on Earth.

Returnal fully represents what a roguelike can symbolize. Adrenaline mix with an intriguing story. Selene, kidnapped by her morbid curiosity, crash-lands on the planet of Atropos. Here she discovers that every time she is killed, she wakes up at the moment of the accident. Now it’s up to her to find answers and stop the cycle before it’s too late. Among the many objects that can be found randomly in the game, there will also be the Selene’s house keyvery important for plot purposes.

Guide where to find the house key in Returnal

Perhaps, at the beginning of your adventure, you have found a house in the rocks that requires a key to access it. You can simply find her by exploring the first pit of the biome and going into all the rooms. Going into more detail, the key will be present in one of those rooms and marked on the map with a blue triangle. You can probably also find it without realizing it, but it is essential to pay attention to all the symbols marked on the map, especially in rooms of that type.

The key will be easily perceived as it is on an altar, ready to be examined by the protagonist. After that, you can take it and use it to open the house.

As already mentioned, the house is one of the key points to try to give more answers to this already quite convoluted mosaic. The house can be explored a total of 6 times. In all cases except the last one (since it is tied to a hidden ending, in this guide you can find out how Returnal: How to Unlock Secret Ending), It will be enough for you to explore the house and discover all the mysteries that house it. As a little gem, after you have explored it for the first time, you will find the astronaut statuette at the entrance.


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