Review: A Rose in the Twilight (PS Vita).

“My blood, which sneaks deep inside the body, which is hidden in dark corridors, blood in the alcohol in women’s mouths. Subcutaneous life, not measured in liters, flowing along a common river into a sea of ​​blood ”- this is how the Republika once sang. I wonder if the late Grzegorz Ciechowski thought that his words could take the shape of a game – sad, dark and bloody – A Rose in the Twilight.

A Rose in the Twilight is the spiritual successor to another affectionate adventure called htoL # NiQ: The Firefly Diary, created under the supervision of Masayuki Furui. Although unrelated in plot, it still takes up the theme of a girl who has to survive in a hostile world. Another thing is that this time the child’s fate looks bloodier and more brutal.

Review: A Rose in the Twilight (PS Vita)

Let’s start with the scenario, which is a really strong element of the game, even though not a single word is spoken in the game. The story is presented in the form of scrolls lying here and there and bloody memories. The vagueness of the message and the lack of chronology of events are paradoxically an advantage, forcing the player to think and engage in the game. We follow the fate of a little girl named Rose with huge thorns on her back, who wakes up in a dark, ruined castle suspended in a timelessly empty castle. Traveling through successive chambers and collecting blood, he learns the fragments of his tragic past and the destiny of the castle itself. She is helped by a mysterious Golem with a spiral instead of a face. Who he is and what connects him with the heroine – we have to discover for ourselves.

Be warned that it will be a story full of sadness, suffering and pain, but also determination in overcoming the obstacles encountered. The extraordinary protagonist is a great lure to get acquainted with the game, but its beauty is determined by something else – the style of the game. Although the production combines adventure, logical and platform elements, they have been so interconnected that it is very difficult to indicate any dividing lines. Time stands still in the castle, but some objects can be moved by filling them with blood. This is what the thorn on Rose’s back is for, which allows her to suck the gout from some objects and transfer it to others to pave her way forward. Unfortunately, a girl will often have to sacrifice her own blood by committing suicide in a rather brutal and heart-tightening way (e.g. by hanging or placing her head under a guillotine).

Review: A Rose in the Twilight (PS Vita)

The role of the golem is usually reduced to the role of a porter who will carry “animated” objects and the heroine herself to a designated place when the need arises. Just don’t treat her like a rag doll then, because if we throw her too violently, it will just turn into a wet spot. Despite some controversy, the idea should be applauded, because although the death cycles are embedded in the plot, it is a pity to see Rose die so often. Thanks to this, the player establishes a certain emotional bond with the protagonist, trying to hurt her as little as possible. It is always better than managing an impersonal figure whose fate is indifferent to us. Despite the apparent simplicity, the gameplay never allows us to get bored, constantly stimulating our gray cells to work sometimes and requiring skillful fingers. The fun is quite easy at first, but towards the end of the game the difficulty level increases drastically, which can hurt.

It is also necessary to mention the atmospheric visual setting of the title, despite the fact that it only contains shades of black, gray and bright red contrasting with them. They create a unique, heavy atmosphere, attracting to the console screen, although the 2D graphics themselves are not particularly detailed. The figure of Rose is a masterpiece, in which we can easily see the painted feelings and charmingly clumsy movements in her face. The moments of death are presented very bluntly, and the gore that is poured out then does not let anyone pass by indifferently.

Review: A Rose in the Twilight (PS Vita)

A Rose in the Twilight is a position that proves that games on PS Vita, like the console itself, they still exist. The production has a strong scenario, an intriguing gameplay style, a unique heroine and a lot of fun. As for an adventure game, it is also quite long, because it lasts for about 10 hours. So let’s wait with putting the Sony handheld away and check what secrets little Rose hides.