Review: Agents of Mayhem (PS4).

When announced Agents of Mayhem, I asked myself – why isn’t this the new Saints Row? After the first materials, the question kept returning, unfortunately without an answer. After finish Agents of Mayhem I still don’t know why we’re not dealing with Saints Row, but I can answer you if it’s worth buying the game.

Agents of Mayhem set in one of the alternative endings Saints Row IV. This allowed the developer to create a new universe, not dissociating himself from his previous achievements. Fans of the series will quickly catch more or less subtle references and will like Oleg and Pierce, who appear in the world of Agents of Mayhem. However, you don’t have to worry about not knowing the series Saints Rowbecause this one is completely unnecessary here. The action was set in Seoul, where the Mayhem organization, founded by the “converted antagonist” Persephone, has its headquarters on its invisible aircraft. The agency fights with the Legion, an organization of bad guys that has come out of the shadows after the Night of the Devil and has decided to take over the world. The main antagonist Agents of Mayhem there is Dr. Babylon, the head of the Duma Ministry, who, together with his generals, spoils our blood.

If this all sounds very familiar and stereotypical, then … you’ve caught the clue. Agents of Mayhem is a collection of all the ideas and clichés of action cinema, comics and animations of the 80s and 90s led by GI Joe and Marvel’s (and DC Comics) mixing of multiverse. The group of heroes that we can control is closed in twelve exceptionally stereotypical characters. And I’m not just talking about stereotypes related to nations (the narcissistic Hollywood, football-bustling brawler who argues with a Scot about which representation is better, or the mysterious Scheherazade and the silent Yakuza member – Them), but also about the character and behavior. Playing in Agents of MayhemI felt like I was taking part in all the movies and animations that I watched for a kid. And in this case, stereotypes are a huge advantage of the entire production, because without them the story, character creation and their interactions would not be so fun. Although I must point out here that the Polish language version (subtitles) is good, sometimes it is too polite, which takes away the humor from some dialogues. Although I admit – some jokes related to English pronunciation are hard to translate meaningfully. Well, but in general, if someone does not mind the so-called male humor (some call it childish or crude), they will croak with every dialogue.

Review: Agents of Mayhem (PS4)

When it comes to the gameplay itself, we are dealing with a title that wants to spark fossilized ideas for open-world games and tries to add other genres and fresh trends to it. Hence, in addition to the standard approach to sandbox (main quests, side quests, activities), we have here the implementation of hack ‘n’ slash systems (the fastest you will think of is Diablo 3). When flying on a mission, we can choose the difficulty level – the higher, the more money and experience points we get. The suggested difficulty will increase with increasing the level of our hero, but it’s up to us how we play. Each character has unique special attacks, the properties of which can be changed by selecting the right gadgets, and going further – modified with appropriate inventions. We create everything from the collected resources, so we also have the basics of crafting here. Fortunately, it is not burdensome and I would say that it is a bit of art for the sake of art to extend the time spent with the game a bit.

The game copes quite well with the content we get after completing the storyline. Side activities appear and disappear, and the points taken over time are reflected by the enemy, so you can get the impression of a living world in which something is happening all the time, which is also influenced by random missions such as a Golem attack or a huge energy ball. These events are completely random and they do their job. Unfortunately, most of the activity is just plain stuff stuff, and in story quests and character contracting, after a while the weariness of what we have to do begins to creep in. For the first hours Agents of Mayhem can get excited about any task. Later, when I had to enter another Legion hideout and do the same non-stop, I yawned and listened to the characters’ conversations, because only they saved me from complete boredom. And before someone accuses me of doing this – no, I didn’t throw myself into every activity in the game and every mission, I didn’t run around blindly without a target. I focused only on the missions of the main storyline and tasks related to each of the heroes, because it allowed me to get to know them better.

Review: Agents of Mayhem (PS4)

It’s just that the gameplay itself (when it comes to mechanics) is not tiring. Moving characters is pleasant, unlimited (if you want, you will be able to climb every building within range), although one scratch is clearly visible – collision detection. The norm is that our hero will not be able to run up a small hill, if there is a 20-cm wall at its end, and he will not be able to conventionally climb to a higher level while climbing, which results in a strange levitation. In addition, running around the city on foot was a lot of fun. And this even despite the exceptionally good driving model. Something that wasn’t really a strong series Saints Rowhere it works exceptionally well.

Looking at the game footage, you can quite rightly see that Agents of Mayhem fits perfectly as a co-op game, but there is no such mode here. Why? I do not know. Is production Volition without cooperation is worse? I do not think so. Neither do I see any reason why cooperation should add anything to other than satisfying those with a “cooperative all is better” approach. The game defends itself as a single adventure, although the studio has not escaped from implementing some form of online attractions. Only these are once – optional, and two – do not require commitment from us. We can send agents on missions, which are a bit like F2P smartphone games, where after selecting an action, we have to wait a few minutes to see its effect. Sometimes we also have to do a mission ourselves, but that is rare.

Review: Agents of Mayhem (PS4)

After a dozen or so hours with Agents of Mayhem I don’t feel like it’s time wasted. I am a fan of the series Saints Row (or rather the form it took in the third part), so I like the latest game from the studio. Despite the apparent flaws, A.gents of Mayhem I just like it because of the atmosphere and the laid-back approach to history filled with stereotypes and clichés. The game is fun, the whole thing looks nice and works without any major problems (one break and a few drops in liquidity is not a bad result). I wouldn’t be offended if Volition it took turns to pat Saints Row with Agents of Mayhem. The titles are able to complement each other without tiring us at the same time. Agents do well at mixing several species in the open world. There are a few things that need to be corrected and in the event of a continuation (for which a wicket is left open) everything should be of the highest quality.

The game was reviewed on PS4 Pro

Review: Agents of Mayhem (PS4)