review and test of the Lidl Thermomix.

I am fortunate to collaborate with SamaGame since September 2015. I have written articles of various kinds, but this is the first time that I am going to do one product review: Monsieur Cuisine Connect, known as the Thermomix competitor marketed by Lidl, has fallen into my hands.

(Before continuing, I must make an important “disclaimer”: I have an “authentic” Thermomix. Somewhat old -he is 13 years old and there are two more current versions-, but which I do not renounce and of which I consider myself a true fanatic) .

review and test of the Lidl Thermomix

I’m not a big cook, so this kind of robots that guide you step by step through the recipes are of great help for people who, like me, although step by step what your mother tells you, or any other cooking recipe, will never end up the same.

Monsieur Cuisine Connect, technical specifications

Monsieur Cuisine Connect

review and test of the Lidl Thermomix


7 “touch LCD

review and test of the Lidl Thermomix

Cup capacity

3 liters

review and test of the Lidl Thermomix

Maximum power

1200 watts cooking, 800 watts beating


review and test of the Lidl Thermomix

10 more Turbo and Reverse



review and test of the Lidl Thermomix


Large removable steel tumbler with lid, lid for steaming on two levels, basket, blades, stirring attachment, spatula


359 euros

review and test of the Lidl Thermomix

Let’s go with Unboxing

Monsieur Cuisine Connect arrived at my house one Friday in a box weighing almost 15 kilos and measuring 54 x 37 x 59 centimeters in dimension. Inside the box, another box: where was the real food processor. Perfectly packed and protected, I found the glass already embedded in its base, the main lid and its measuring device on, as well as the lid for steaming, the basket, the spatula, the butterfly, the recipe book and the instruction book.

Monsieur Cuisine Connect has, out of the boxes, some considerable measures for a kitchen countertop: almost 50 centimeters long, 28 wide and 25 high just the base. If we add the glass, the height is 37 centimeters and, with the varoma on, we are 46 high and 42 wide.

This robot sits on four legs that have some powerful suction cups that make moving the Monsieur difficult at times. But it has its positive side: it is difficult for the machine to move and fall.

review and test of the Lidl Thermomix

The possibilities of Monsieur Cuisine Connect are wide and varied: you can cook, fry, knead, grind, chop (hard and soft foods), make doughs and complex desserts such as custard or whipped egg whites, steam cook, take advantage of the energy to make several dishes at the same time … The glass also has a lot of capacity (3 liters). But it does not have a jar-type handle, which makes it difficult to pour the preparations into any container (especially if you don’t want to burn yourself with the hot glass and you don’t have an extra hand to help you).

Ignite and practically cook

When you connect and turn on the robot (the machine has a small switch on its right side that makes it easy to always have it plugged in, but not turned on), 7-inch color touch screen starts up in less than 30 seconds.

These types of kitchen robots are very practical, especially if you use them and know how to take advantage of them

The first time you do it, it asks you to connect to a WiFi network, although it gives you the option to do it later if at that moment you don’t want to or can. In addition, it also asks you to register as a user to be able to access all your recipes. The process itself is quite simple, but you must choose an alias that has not already been used by another user (something you don’t know until you try to register) and that contains less than 13 characters. You must also provide an email address.

Once these steps are completed, the machine is ready to be used. If you have already operated a similar kitchen robot, surely you can get to work with it without reading the instructions. If not, you will be able to see some of the tutorials that the machine incorporates to teach you how to operate the machine, which also gives you the option of watching the videos on YouTube.

All the power on one screen

The main screen shows a simple and minimal menu: three large buttons to select the time, speed and temperature. In the upper part, three small buttons: the one on the left takes us to three automatic cooking modes (knead, steamer and sauté), the one in the center allows access to recipes and on the left an icon formed by three horizontal stripes leads us to the settings (network to which we are connected, if we want to share the data of our activity, etc.).

Below the blade speed button, we find two other small icons: start (play) on the right and stop on the left.

In addition to the recipes that it incorporates, you can add more by marking the ones you see in the mobile app as favorites

review and test of the Lidl Thermomix

And, in the last bottom line, three other icons that refer us to the turbo function, reverse gear and weight.

The only physical button that appears is below the screen. If we press it inwards, the machine turns on when it is at rest. And when we select on the screen one of the three large buttons (time, speed and temperature) we can adjust each of these options by turning to the right to increase, to the left to reduce. Again, If we are used to working with this type of tool, the operation is quite simple. We must remember to press each of the digital buttons to adjust the option by turning with the physical button.

Guided cooking without touching the book

The kitchen robots explain in their recipes the steps that must be taken to prepare their recipes. However, these steps they are not necessarily necessary and we can ignore them, even when we are with guided cooking.

Just press the recipe icon so that we can see all the dishes that we can prepare with Monsieur Cuisine Connect. We have two options for displaying the recipes. In one of them we will see them as a traditional list, in text mode, and we can move by sliding our finger from top to bottom on the touch screen. If we prefer to get an idea of ​​what the final result of the dish is with a photo in each recipe, we can also choose this way of seeing the recipes that the robot includes. In this case, the navigation movement is lateral instead of vertical. In either of the two options the touch screen works without problems.

review and test of the Lidl Thermomix

In the option to see the image of the recipe (which is the one that appears by default) we can see at a glance to how many servings is the dish, the time it will cost us as well as energy information and if it is an easy recipe or difficult.

We can also search for the recipe by the initial of the recipe. In this case, yes, we need to know how it appears in the book. For example, if what we want is to cook pasta, we must search for C for Cook Pasta (which is how the recipe appears) and not as “Pasta”.

If we have some favorite recipes and we have indicated them like this, we can find them in the heart-shaped button at the bottom of the right of the screen. We can also see, in the cutlery icon, a small description of both the ingredients and the process of making each recipe. From there we can decide if we start with the preparation or if we continue looking in the menu for recipes.

The recipe book that accompanies the robot contains the same recipes as those incorporated in the kitchen robot. However, it is true that there are some small modifications and that they are not exactly the same.

Guided cooking helps, but does not oblige

The good thing about this type of device is that, if you follow the recipe as it comes in your book (or on the screen, in its digital format), the dish comes out. Forget about your grandmother’s “little hand” or the drizzle of oil from the cooks on TV: here is to measure and weigh what the recipe asks of you.

However, this guided cooking option does not “force” you to follow the recipe to the letter. Among other things because, for example, in a traditional Andalusian gazpacho at Monsieur Cuisine Connect it asks you for much more cucumber than in any other recipe (is it because the book was written in Germany?). So You can adapt each of the steps indicated by the machine (amount of food, if you want to speed up or cook longer, even if you want to skip a specific step …) so that the flavor is to your liking.

Also you can adapt the quantity of the recipes to your needs. For example, Monsieur Cuisine Connect says that, for two people, you have to cook 300 grams of pasta. A lot of? Little? It depends on how eager we are and if it is a unique dish or not.

A somewhat slow support service

Monsieur Cuisine Connect also has a app of your recipes for both iOS and Android. There you can find more recipes (both for this version of the machine and for the previous ones).

The app, however, is not very refined. In addition to connection failures, many times it changes the language to German, sometimes it hangs and not very intuitive to use. For example, it was difficult for us to access with our username and password created in the kitchen robot, to recognize us and let us access.

Of course, in this app you will be able to find many more recipes than those that come by default with the machine. In order to download the recipes that appear in the app on the machine, you have to press the “like it (heart)” button and, after a few hours, it will appear on the device.

We had to ask the support service how to download these additional recipes that came in the app, as well as to resolve the incident that did not allow us to access with our username and password. And in both cases the answer was delayed several days. In addition, and because of the language used, we fear that the email is originally written in German and not too finely translated into Spanish.

A noticeable price difference

Monsieur Cuisine Connect is a kitchen robot that is very similar to the Thermomix, both in design and performance: the glass, the container for steaming, the inner basket, the spatula, the butterfly … For something it is considered the competitor of the Lidl Thermomix.

This kitchen robot, moreover, is not always available to be purchased. In fact, Lidl brings it out at specific times of the year, which also sometimes causes stocks to run out within a few hours.

The price difference compared to other market options is important: 359 euros compared to 1259 for the Thermomix (or the 649 for Moulinex Companion) means that the euros that separate them can weigh heavily in the final decision. Especially if you are one of those who consider buying these robots to make salmorejo, gazpacho and little else.

If you know how to take advantage of these robots, they are a very useful aid to make all kinds of dishes. In addition, on the Internet you can also find many options to get even more out of the recipes of this type of device by adapting them to this economic model.

In any case, you should keep in mind that it is a bulky product, which occupies a good portion of the kitchen counter. But it also has a large capacity, it is very versatile and very low noise. It is not an appliance to take out, use and store like a traditional mixer. But if you really get used to using it, pots and pans can (in many cases) be forgotten.