Review: Batman: Arkham VR (PS4).

I once heard the wisdom of “remember to always be yourself in life … unless you can become Batman.” And finally I could! Put on a mask, go down to the Batcave, examine the body of a murdered friend… how fun!

When browsing the launch titles on PlayStation VR, Batman: Arkham VR (PS4) was the only position for me worthy of any attention. Not only was it a game from the Rocksteady masters, it was also about to move away from the fight and focus on the investigation. The developer seemed to be aware that the VR game is completely different. I was not even touched by the information that it will be an extremely short production and will be finished in about an hour. Nothing could spoil my visit to virtual Gotham. So I got very excited about the game, and it almost never ends well. This time it turned out completely different – I did not expect it to be THAT good!

Review: Batman: Arkham VR (PS4)

Batman: Arkham VR (PS4) starts not very original, because of the murder of Bruce’s parents. Here, however, we are dealing with the best depicted death of the Waynees in history. We see everything through the eyes of a child who, faced with a sudden threat, nervously calms down and hides it behind her. We can lean over and see the action from behind her skirt, but… I felt really hard. I knew what was going to happen next, who didn’t know this scene, and yet it paralyzed me a bit. The most immersive degree I’ve ever experienced on a console. It was only then that I felt that maybe the purchase of PS VR was not so bad.

After a strong start, we move to the Wayne Estate as an adult Bruce. I bow my head and see his hands turn just like mine. The difference is, mine don’t have hematomas from beating thugs all night. Even such details have been thought of! We look around the room, catching a lot of flavors, such as postcards from Catwoman from different places around the world (and then we find newspaper headlines about the theft of valuables in those areas) and go down to the Batcave. Time to put on a black suit and … investigate the mystery of Nightwing’s murder.

Review: Batman: Arkham VR (PS4)

I immediately warn you that there is no point in approaching without two PS Move controllers. To be Batman, we have to have both functional hands, and the other layout is completely pointless (although playing the pad was resolved quite tolerably). We cannot move on our own, but only “teleport” to places designated by the game. There is no question of any nausea and such forcing the right “places” on the camera works great in presenting the action. It is also vain to look for another PS VR nightmare, i.e. serrated edges, but this is only because the whole thing is extremely blurry. Forget about sharp textures, the developers had to make concessions.

The gameplay involves exploring the investigations known from Arkham Knight – analyzing the environment, scanning corpses, recreating events – and arranging items broken into parts. Nothing repeats itself, everything was used with an idea and it’s fun to do these simple activities. We also have our own scanner, fired hook and batarangs with an extremely powerful aiming aid, but in the throwing challenges you have to try hard. The diversity is also surprising – from admiring the huge Gotham on the main menu, through watching a crime scene and interrogating an old friend, to a perfectly directed and a bit scary visit to the title Arkham. Ah, and again I remembered about that perfect final …

Review: Batman: Arkham VR (PS4)

The endgame of Arkham VR is a little mastery (it may break the canon, but there are many premises that lead to the theory that explains everything), although it cannot be ignored that the game lasts for about an hour and a half and suddenly stops. We get the answer, it seems to be in harmony with the trilogy from Rocksteady (spoiler alert!), But you want … no, you want more! Well, there is a NowaGame + option with Riddler puzzles literally at every step (for which I leave a huge plus) and the overall price (PLN 84) / quality ratio is excellent. It’s just hard to accept that this is the end of a title so well prepared for VR technology.