Review: Battle Chasers: Nightwar (PS4).

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a representative of a jRPG genre that is unplayable for many genres. American creators, however, coped so efficiently with the creation of the game that the title is easy for everyone to learn, and also delights with a wonderful universe.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar takes all the ingredients found in Japanese RPGs and then covers them with American sauce. The grind is smaller here, and the whole thing does not require careful checking and quick counting of each blow. In addition, the game is available in the Polish language version with dubbing, and the whole world is linked by Battle Chasers. What is this universe? It all started with a comic book of the same name, which was created by Joe Madureira. He is currently the CEO of Airship Syndicate, and he has such works as both Darksiders. The comic was released between 1998 and 2001, and since then, little has been heard of his return. However, the authors take the world of Battle Chasers to the workshop and continue the story ended in the comic. Fortunately, we do not need the knowledge of previous events and we will easily find ourselves in a fantasy world where magic works on a par with modern technology. So, magic staffs, pistols and moving cannons are in motion.

History Battle Chasers: Nightwar it starts with shooting down a ship with five heroes, whose fates we will have to direct. Each of them represents different abilities and a preferred weapon. So we have a typical bully with a Garrison sword, a teenager Gully with powerful gloves, a magical golem Calibretto, whose healing abilities will save our lives more than once, an elderly mage Knolan and Red Monika, whose two pistols and the ability to invisible allow him to wreak great damage. We’ll meet someone else during the trip, but I won’t spoil the fun with spoilers. During the game, however, we will not have to use all heroes at once – we have to decide on the main three, which we will take on trips.

Review: Battle Chasers: Nightwar (PS4)

History in Battle Chasers: Nightwar Initially, it is based on unraveling the mystery of mysterious artifacts that the bandits want to get, among others, and on the island where we crashed, there are rumors about the rising of the undead from the graves. On top of that, there are small side quests, which are better to do as they are an easy place to get experience points. How we will explore the island depends on the given stage. Well, we are moving on a map, where the given locations are connected by numerous paths. Getting to the designated place is almost always associated with the fact that there will be opponents on our way. If we are stronger than them – they will run away, but the stronger ones will want to fight us, which will take you to the duel screen, which resembles a two-dimensional one. Heroes of Might and Magic. Even the music is very similar. The fights take place in turns, and the blows are divided into those that can be used immediately and those that will be performed in a few turns. In addition, there are the most powerful attacks launched when the designated bar is full, and all the effects of poisoning or invisibility. During the battle, we also have to observe the mana bar, but we can fill it up by performing the simplest blows that do not use its resources. Combat is very tactical and we need to think a bit before making a move, but it’s not the level of hardcore jRPGs either.

It must be remembered that life in Battle Chasers: Nightwar it does not regenerate itself, and failure means losing a lot of gold and returning to the city. To regain strength or exploration skills (about which in a moment), we need to go to the Tavern. The heroes in the city can rest, buy or sell items, and learn new skills. It is from there that we can also run randomly generated dungeons that will test our skills. The larger locations that we will visit after reaching them on the map are also partially random. The game then turns into a production with a view from above, where we search chests, solve logical puzzles and fight enemies in the aforementioned turn-based system. Before the fight, however, we have a chance to attack the enemy, heal or disappear in front of him, using skills unique to each hero. The difficulty level of puzzles or duels depends on the level of the location you choose. The higher it is, the better the equipment reward for heroes, where items are divided into different rarity classes.

Review: Battle Chasers: Nightwar (PS4)

Battle Chasers: Nightwar I was delighted with how many little flavors were implemented in the game. When we want to stop the adventure for a moment, we can go fishing. While exploring the dungeons, we can come across short, fun tasks. There are a lot of books in the game that expand our knowledge about the world, and in addition, collecting all the pages rewards us with the subject. We can improve the shops in the city, thanks to which the shopkeepers will offer us better products. The discovered artifacts can be exchanged for rare items, and some of them can even be crafted by yourself after collecting the appropriate ingredients. There is a lot more to it, making the game deeper and not a simple production where we go from place to place fighting with opponents.

The authors of the graphics and sound should be showered with prizes. The world itself that we get to know fantastically balances on the edge of humorous events and brutal scores, and all this is presented with beautiful graphics and fantastic animations. Music? One of the best I’ve heard in games lately. The songs are so amazing that the main menu theme made me not want to keep running the game so as not to interrupt it. And on top of that, Polish dubbing is as good as music. Poles, as usual, show that they are best at adding voices to a slightly fairy tale story.

Review: Battle Chasers: Nightwar (PS4)

Unfortunately, in Battle Chasers: Nightwar I encountered a lot of technical problems. The game liked to be thrown into the console menu, and on top of that, I fell under the textures in the generated dungeons several times, which made me have to go to the game menu and then go back to where I fell. During the exploration, there were also situations where all interactions stopped working and all I could do was run around the board. In the fight itself, there was an underdevelopment, consisting in the fact that when we have one character left alive and he uses invisibility, the opponents will see him anyway. attacking as if nothing had happened. The creators, however, released a premiere patch today, which fixes most of the ills, and the remaining trifles should be patched soon.

Down Battle Chasers: Nightwar I even approached with reluctance. I was afraid of the complicated mechanics and didn’t even fancy this type of title. I told myself that production will have to do a lot to attract me. I was bought after ten minutes of the game. Production Airship Syndicate it is friendly to typical European players, fantastic music is catchy, and the design of the world is amazing.

Review: Battle Chasers: Nightwar (PS4)