Review: Battlefield 1 (PS4) – In the Name of Cara DLC.

Battlefield 1 compared to previous editions, it is developed more slowly with paid content. DICE claimed that the reason was the desire to refine add-ons while releasing free maps for Premium owners and expanding online features. Everything sounds nice on paper, and then it comes out “In the Name of Cara” and the game is plagued by terrible errors.

DICE and bugs are an undivided couple. Ever since Battlefield 3 each update, fixing one thing, broke something else – problems with network code, crashing from servers, and after a while disappearing sound in the game that moved to Battlefield 4. Anyway, the fourth installment of the series had such a terrible start that the Swedish developers got more time to work on the new Battlefield (but in the meantime they did Battlefront). And at the premiere of the game Battlefield 1 it didn’t look too bad. There are fewer errors and the connection to the servers is more stable, although everything was paid for with more content-poor production.

Then the patching of the game started and the missing pieces were supplemented and … unfortunately the old ones came back DICE. Yes, the gaps are filled, new maps and game modes appear, but we also get a lot of errors, which with the second expansion “In the Name of Cara” exceeded the critical concentration and overflowed my tolerance threshold. I can understand and forgive a lot, years of writing about games have allowed me to understand the production process from the inside out, but sometimes I just can’t. Battlefield 1 it is full of bugs that simply destroy the fun of the game, which hurts twice, because I like the maps in this expansion like no other.

Review: Battlefield 1 (PS4) – In the Name of Cara DLC

Let’s go back to the very beginning, because not everyone can know what DLC is at all “In the Name of Cara”. Second add-on created by DICE introduces another new faction to the game (apart from cosmetic differences, no matter who we play) – the Russians. And here is the first surprise, because these are not only the tsarist armies of the Great War, but also the disgusting Bolsheviks who appear in one of the Operations set during the October Revolution. I like this approach because … playing as Whites, they express themselves extremely negatively about Bolshevism, which is overlooked in today’s world where Marxism is not labeled as something bad. On the other hand, when I had to play Bolsheviks, I felt a slight, inner disgust. But never mind. Together with the Russian faction, women enter the game thanks to Russian women’s battalions. And contrary to the unnecessary internet drama after the announcement, I don’t see any reason why the game should not be there. Historically – they fit, in terms of gameplay – it makes no difference, and I just like the design of the female soldiers (especially in the scout class).

The selection of Russian soldiers for the second expansion allowed the game to feature new winter locations that bring a lot of fresh air. The first add-on did not stand out too much with the locations, offering virtually similar visually locations. Here, from the vast territories of Galicia, through the Łupkowska and Tsaritsyn Pass, to the Volga River, Battlefield 1 spreads wings. After spending several hours with the add-on, I am delighted with the new maps. Galicia may seem like a bad map, mainly because of its flatness, and hence – a paradise for the campaign, but … that is what this map was all about. From the beginning, attackers are exposed to shots like ducks, so they need chemistry, appropriate attack tactics, and most of all – use every bomb crater to avoid being shot off. Łupkowska Pass is an exceptionally vertical map, where you have to keep your eyes around your head and be in constant motion if you don’t want to end your life quickly. Tsaritsy very much reminds me of maps from WWII … CoDs, which is just a big compliment. Lots of destroyed buildings, a fight for every inch and a feeling of constant tension – this is what characterizes this map. The Volga also performs well with its ruins of buildings, trenches and the rest of the church in the center. Each map not only defends itself as a separate sector in a given mode, but above all – in Operations. In this mode, they combine extremely neatly and provide an ever-changing sensation. And they perfectly reflect being a Russian soldier, whose life was not counted anyway, because the army was unmatched in numbers.

Review: Battlefield 1 (PS4) – In the Name of Cara DLC

Game modes? Well, one – Supply Drop. I have this problem with him that … he is not bad, I just didn’t like it at all, just like the Pigeons from the stand. The airdrop is focused on close cooperation and perfect communication with the team in order to choose the optimal close drop to capture and defend it against the enemy. Since the maps in this mode are properly tailored and the drop falls in a place where it is impossible to bunker, one or two weaker links in the team will be enough and we will get thrust. And our blood will be flooded with spam from mortars, which have a real feast here, because the drop is captured the faster, the more people there are. A mortar shell can safely kill several people with one shot. But as I said, it’s such a specificity that I just don’t like. He prefers slower fights on a much larger scale. People who liked the Pigeons will enjoy the Supply Drop.

“In the Name of Cara”when it comes to content, it’s a better accessory than “They will not pass”which offers a great Frontlines mode, but the maps are too similar to the base. Here, snowy locations bring the necessary breath of fresh air, the new weapon also works (especially the Mosin Nagant), as does the new armored car. The introduction of the class specialization in the update with the ability to equip acquired perks is also a plus, because it allows you to finally get something more from different playstyles with the selected class. On the other hand – technical problems effectively spoil the positive impression caused by new content. Crackling or disappearing sound with explosions, ejection from servers, rifle flying across the screen, if someone resurrected us, weirdly counted hitboxes – these are just the tip of the mountain. Funnily enough (laughs through tears), the bugs have been present since the DLC’s debut in Premium service, at the beginning of the month. I started the supplement two weeks ago, so almost a month has passed and … they are still present. Therefore, this and no other assessment. I wish that DICE decided to recall what it’s like to break the game with each new update.

Review: Battlefield 1 (PS4) – In the Name of Cara DLC

The game was reviewed on PS4 Pro