Review: Brawlhalla (PS4).

Brawlhalla gives us four-person duels of various characters. Is this free title new Super Smash Bros. or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

IN Brawlhalla we are fighting fierce battles against other people. All this takes place on small boards that change during our fights. For example, platforms, placed on top of each other, may at some point start to move and move across the board, which forces significant modifications to the tactics we use. The most important thing here, however, is what character we choose at the beginning of the game. Each of them differs in the strength of the attack and the speed of delivering subsequent blows. Added to this are endurance and speed. All heroes have two weapons available, which we get randomly during the game, and they differ in colors, skins … Yes, microtransactions are ubiquitous here, but this is a free-to-play title, but more on them later.

Once we choose the hero, we can go to the duel. We have at our disposal weak attacks and those that are the stronger, the longer we hold the appropriate key. We can also jump and dodge. Little? It might seem that the number of possible moves is quite poor, but surprisingly enough. Instead of focusing on complex combos, we rather try to make the best use of the environment to surprise the enemy with quick movements. It also has an additional advantage in the form of the fact that the game is very friendly for Sunday players and we can easily play with our three friends on one couch. If someone is missing – the bots will take care of the missing player. Brawlhalla surprised me with the number of modes in which we will have to fight. We can play alone or against other players. If we have a friend at hand – we will be able to start two-on-two duels. There is also my favorite mode, where we only compete with one other player, but we have three warriors selected by us. Whoever loses everyone first – is out. Of course, there was also a place for ranked duels in all of this. We can also create a tournament against AI characters, where we take turns to deal with others to become the champion.

Review: Brawlhalla (PS4)

Each of the duels is limited in time, so when there is a tie between two players, there is a very short overtime, during which usually one strong blow is enough to get rid of the opponent. However, it would be great if Brawlhalla it detected collisions faster. It happens too often that despite the obvious hitting of another player, there is no reaction. I also have the impression that despite the good connection status being displayed, the game has a problem with the response time to the actions we perform. Many times I wanted to hit someone quickly with an ax, and the character did so much later compared to my previous blows. I also find the place where the life indicators of our heroes are problematic. When (usually) the fight takes place in the center of the screen (because the game adjusts the camera based on the positions of all players), it is a hopeless solution to place small and completely unintuitive health indicators in the upper right corner. However, despite these shortcomings, I cannot say that I was playing badly. If the developers quickly fix the problems that should not be in a title of this type, the game will still have a very solid core.

In the case of graphics, we are dealing here with two-dimensional maps and the characters themselves. The creators should be praised for really nicely made heroes, whose relatively complex animations look great during duels, which can be seen in the screenshots. When it comes to music – a song from the main menu is fine, but I recommend including your favorite quick songs for the games themselves. They will fit as he found. Unfortunately, all sound effects are pale. The punches lack depth and everything sounds very flat – too bad. And our beloved microtransactions … On the one hand, we get a free title filled with various modes, which is adapted to couch playing, and on the other – a very limited list of characters and all additions to them. While in the case of alternative appearance of heroes we can completely ignore it, in the end these are only cosmetic changes, when it comes to the characters themselves, we are dealing here with the situation known from free MOBA games. Every week we receive a different set of warriors, with the possibility of paying with coins obtained in the game for unlocking one of almost forty permanently. It shouldn’t take long for us, but we’ll have to pay “a lot” if the game convinces us to buy alternative skins.

Review: Brawlhalla (PS4)

If you want to bruise your faces with your friends, and also do it while sitting on one couch – Brawlhalla will be as found. Simple gameplay will not discourage new players, and the game itself will give you hours of fun. However, if you want to climb to the top of the rankings, problems arising from problems with collision detection will highlight here, and you should also be prepared for high fees in the case of microtransactions.