Review: Danger Zone 2 (PS4).

Danger Zone 2 was to be a development of a quite successful predecessor. Unfortunately, somehow I managed to spoil such a simple formula and create a continuation, which I advise against playing.

Part of the team that created Burnout, decided to set up her studio and try to recreate what for many was the best in their series. We are talking about the Crash mode, in which we simply had to make as much collision as possible. The first scene Danger Zone was quite a nice arcade game, but you could see from a distance that the budget was extremely low. Without using its full potential, the studio had a foundation on which to create a more extensive sequel.

Review: Danger Zone 2 (PS4)

And somehow it worked Danger Zone 2 bungle. Don’t ask me how, I just don’t know. Once again we get a game in which we just have to make a collision. This time, however, instead of the underground garage where we destroy the test car, we get short stretches of route, at the end of which is a demolition zone. What’s broken? Physics and collision detection.

I spent with Danger Zone 2 Less than two hours (this is what it takes to complete the game), half of which is repeating routes after the physics worked again randomly and I hit the bell. I don’t know what the studio wanted to achieve, but first of all, the vehicles are extremely strange to drive, even for a pure arcade. Second, coupled with collision detection, it is frustrating to try to drive through and achieve the highest score possible. The car reacts completely randomly when it collides with anything. Once we can drive into the vehicle with impetus and nothing will happen, another time, when we lightly touch it sideways, we explode and have to start all over again. It is similar with the barriers limiting the routes – once we can bounce off them and nothing happens, other times it is enough to drive past them for the game to bounce us off them and throw us to the side of the road.

Review: Danger Zone 2 (PS4)

There are more absurdities. We can hit the pickup truck and we’ll be fine, but the same size van causes a smash. And what’s funny – sometimes hitting a pickup truck … our car will explode too. As if we called centrally against a concrete wall. Let’s go further – I am driving a huge 18-wheeler. I hit the tiny passenger car head on. The effect – my truck explodes. Even though I pushed a barn-sized bus a moment earlier. Hitting the marks? It happened to me that the sign stuck me into the asphalt and the game threw me off the map. All these circuses with physics and collisions can also be felt when we smash ourselves in the right zone. As in Danger Zone we could properly control the blown up car to score points, so here the car loves to stick to the asphalt and not move. Little? The afterburner has also been removed, so we can’t drive the wreckage after landing, and only selected cars have boosts.

We complete the whole thing, as I have already mentioned, in about two hours, which at this price (PLN 75) and the errors I wrote about, seems to be three times too expensive. As Danger Zone I liked it, yes Danger Zone 2 is a profession and a game that I cannot recommend. The whole thing looks like a quick tech demo that doesn’t work, but it was released anyway because the account was running out of money.

Review: Danger Zone 2 (PS4)

The game was reviewed on PS4 Pro

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Review: Danger Zone 2 (PS4)