Review: Destiny 2 (PS4) – Curse of Osiris.

Curse of Osiris DLC it was supposed to clear the atmosphere that was created around Destiny 2 since the premiere. A huge crowd of dissatisfied players hoped that the first expansion will bring them enough changes and new content to somehow bring them to the spring expansion. Unfortunately for Bungie it only gets worse.

Destiny 2 at the time of its premiere, I just liked it. The game seemed better than the previous part, but the more time I spent with the content prepared for the so-called end game, the more I understood the growing criticism. Destiny 2 it quickly became extremely boring and repetitive, so much so that at the thought of launching the game to at least do the weekly challenges, I would turn off the console or start playing THPS 5.

To “The Curse of Osiris” I didn’t have any great expectations. Despite the high price (PLN 84), I knew that we would get an extension of smaller sizes – not too much content and an interesting story. This is the image of the DLC after the announcements Bungie. And if it were so, I would even like the accessory for a moment. But after it was finished, I had only a thought – really, that’s all ?! The supplement ends in two, maybe two and a half hours. The title Osiris appears in it for a moment and we learn about this extremely mysterious and important character … less than from the Grimoire cards from the first Destiny. All these stories about discovering the secret of Osiris, his contacts with Ikora, and the spirit of Sagir, can be put in a drawer. The plot of the addition is tragic. Osiris is here like a witness of the great evil that awaits us. We solve the topic with a few recycled missions, we fight the mighty last boss of the DLC and that’s it. Thanks, hello, we don’t have more for you.

Review: Destiny 2 (PS4) – Curse of Osiris

I have long wondered how such a potential can be spoiled. After all, Osiris is one of the most important characters in this universe. Cursed by the Guardians, The one who must not be talked about, the fellow with his faithful worship, who, in addition, with his name in the title is maybe 30 minutes in total. I have come to the conclusion that in Bungie Nobody knows what to do next with the game, because what was planned on paper and considered sufficient is simply weak. The only thing that saves in this DLC is the artistic setting it served us Destiny 2. Mercury in the past is beautiful and with pain I left a location that I couldn’t return to later. So if someone in Bungie doing something good, it’s only artists who provide us with such pearls.

“Curse of Osiris” along with the new storyline, it was also supposed to bring new locations for patrols and a place for the community. And it is all there, but so small that it’s a pity to talk. The Lantern with Brother Vanc is microscopic, and we can likewise regard the tower with Devrim on Earth as a place for the community. And Mercury? Microscopic. In addition, it closes the only new location for us – the Infinity Forest. We will not enter it outside of missions. And he himself is … weak. The announcements gave the impression that we would get a series of randomly generated locations that will change. Instead, we have a series of corridors through which we open the gates to the next part after killing a group of enemies. So we run from killroom to killroom wondering what we are doing with our time.

Review: Destiny 2 (PS4) – Curse of Osiris

And to increase the feeling of wasting time, Bungie decided that after a wave of criticism for recycling everything, the best option is … recycling even more. But this time it doesn’t focus on throwing into Destiny 2 exotics from the previous section. IN “Curse of Osiris” one of the missions is … identical Assault on the Pyramidion. We do pretty much the same, not just fighting an assault boss. I understand the limited time, I understand the desire to save, but … this is the peak of the peaks.

Destiny 2 currently has a serious problem with being perceived by others. Bungie is under constant fire and the announced changes to the game systems will not help much if the studio continues to blindly move in the same direction. 84 zlotys for such a weak accessory is simply a rip-off that will be justified by the most blinded fans of the series. At this price, it is better to buy the previous part in the set with “The Taken King” – you will have much more fun than the 3-4 hours of this expansion pack.

Review: Destiny 2 (PS4) – Curse of Osiris

The game was reviewed on PS4 Pro

The code for the review was provided by Activision.

Review: Destiny 2 (PS4) – Curse of Osiris