Review: God of War Collection (PS Vita).

Moving the classics from PlayStation 2 to PS Vita is in full swing, and after the extremely successful Sly Cooper trilogy, it’s time for a bit more brutal atmosphere. Is killing Greek gods as quick as possible outside of your home as it was 9 years ago on a massive TV?

The nine-year-old original and the two-year younger sequel to Kratos’ history featured everything that is mentioned in terms of bad influence on young players – violence, liters of blood and virtual . Adult players, degenerated by the series, can return to a loving family after work, spend time outside with their children and, thanks to a portable console, show what daddy played in his youth, educate a young murderer. In High Definition and with touch control.

Review: God of War Collection (PS Vita)

If by some miracle you missed one of the best Sony console productions – a reminder paragraph. God of War tells the story of the Spartan Kratos, who, with his revenge on one god or another, ultimately massacres almost the entire Greek pantheon. He came to Mount Olympus to chew gum and kick , and in his day there was no chewing gum yet! Oh, the future God of War.

Before we immerse the Blades of Chaos in the body of the Olympian inhabitant, we are faced with a brutal exuberance of mythical creatures. Kratos’s regular cannon fodder is easily torn in two, and jellyfish, minotaurs and other cyclops take a moment to pound before we can activate the finisher. Correctly executed QTE sequences translate into devastating and impossibly bloody finishing attacks worthy of the “mortalombat” title of Fatality.

Review: God of War Collection (PS Vita)

Both games are top-notch in the genre, so I’ll focus on the downsides of the conversion itself. The biggest problem is the smaller number of handheld buttons compared to the DualShock. But who needs extra buttons when you have an entire touchscreen! From two sides! … Touch the back panel to interact with items, open a door or use a save point. And for this solution, someone should lose their job.

We open such a chest – we choked R2 on the pad, and Kratos tensed his muscles and lifted the lid. Here … we feel the console’s butt. Fire fury by pressing both analogs? Bigger if you touch the icon on the screen! But let it work. Well, it works when it wants to. Often I had to go to the designated place several times to knock on the back of the PS Vita to surprise. It happened that the touch of the back room stopped working completely and you had to quit the game. No problem, it is restarting, just save … oh yeah, I have no how.

Review: God of War Collection (PS Vita)

Graphically it is correct for a remake – the whole thing has been adapted to the widescreen, textures have been improved, the edges have been smoothed and the gameplay has been smoother. In short, exactly what we saw in the same collection on PS3 five years ago. Again, the cutscenes on the engine are scary, and the sound, especially of the first part, is asking for a remaster. Amazing soundtrack, great actors, but their quality irritates a bit.

The OLED screen visually enhances some of the attacks, especially the Chaos Blade fiery combos. Huge bosses are still impressive, even on such a small screen, but stretched menus can be disgusting. And when the aforementioned icons appear on the screen to compensate for the lack of buttons, it looks a bit like a smartphone game. Fortunately, we don’t see them most of the time.

Review: God of War Collection (PS Vita)

I learned to live with not the best touch controls, although God of War: Collection came from the authors of the Sly Trilogy conversion, and there were no problems there. If we only gave the option to change the assignment of the buttons – in the options we can only reverse the control on the pegasus. Still, it’s an incredibly playable classic whether you want to mention or check out the series. The biggest advantage of the collection, however, is the cross-buy – for PLN 99 you get the collection for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita (3.4 GB). Have you bought a digital version for PS3 before? Download the games for free! Why not get two extra platinum?