Review: Golf Story (Nintendo Switch).

Golf Story is one of those little surprises on the console Nintendo Switch. A title that may not last as long as the new Zelda, but has so much heart, humor and idea to delight. And all of this in an inconspicuous golf game …

September 28, 2017, when Golf Story had its premiere, everyone was talking about Super Mario Odyssey. Some were still looking for shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildand others honed their skills in Splatoon 2. On Reddit, however, information about the upcoming one appeared from time to time Golf Story. When we finally got to the end of September, the community exploded and more positive feedback sparked waves of encouraged users. Now Golf Story is considered to be one of the better games available on the Nintendo eShop.

The story begins as usual. We play the role of a dreamer walking with his head in the clouds, seeing himself as the best golfer. The game starts right when he decides to do something about it. So a journey like that of Pokemon begins, from hard beginnings that require us to prove our potential, to spectacular triumphs. We get to know our rivals and the coach who will loudly announce his doubts about the competences of the main character until the very end. However, when we finally manage to train and get into the tournament, a long road to conquering the world of golfers begins.

Review: Golf Story (Nintendo Switch)

The game looks very simplified. We have several different types of clubs sorted according to their capabilities, a flag that signals the direction and speed of the wind, and a long line that shows the path of our ball – that’s the basics. Later, we get to know a few more special hits, but they do not significantly change the gameplay itself. The biggest challenge Golf Storywhich in most cases does not cause big problems for players, is to adapt to the outside conditions and adequately predict how they will affect our hit.

The atmosphere changes depending on the location we are currently in. Story missions slowly take us to new places that differ significantly from each other. We start out on neutral ground – green grass with some treacherous hollows full of sand and a small pond. Later, the difficulty level increases slightly. On the beach, the water is quite a problem, and most of the challenges require us to hit from one island to another. There is a strong wind blowing in the mountains that changes from round to round. Each place has its own distinctive features. Some are more difficult, and others, when used properly, can help us quickly get the ball into the hole.

Review: Golf Story (Nintendo Switch)

That’s why, that Golf Story is a classic example of an RPG, there was also a modest management of equipment and character development. Both act more as a nice addition to a casual, independent game than factors that would determine our potential victory. We can spend the money collected while performing tasks and winning tournaments on equipment. Most of the clubs offer a specific set of possibilities, which allows them to be adapted to our playing style. We hit as far as possible or at the expense of range we gain passive skills that some parts of the equipment offer us.

Character development is even easier. Experience guarantees our golfer next levels that allow him to improve his capabilities. Here we choose between five different skills. We increase the range of hits, spin the balls, accuracy, etc. The more the impact strength increases, the faster the rest of the statistics decrease. Golf Story so it forces the player a little bit of sense and spend points wisely, instead of loading everything into range.

Review: Golf Story (Nintendo Switch)

In addition to the mechanical and fictional aspects, the atmosphere is also very effectively built by dialogues and characters. The creators focused on humor, which works perfectly with such a loose title. Some comments from our friends or the trainer make us smile friendly, while others can be seriously amused. There is no way of scrolling through the dialogues between characters for hours. Most of the conversations are short, to the point and not try to stop us in any way. The visual layer also does a good job. Although most of these views are very characteristic of such games, the whole thing pleases the eye, and the locations have been designed well enough to be able to distinguish them easily from one another.

Golf Story it’s just a great complete game. The creators had specific assumptions when designing their title and fulfilled them one hundred percent. We managed to create a loose, pleasant title, which is the perfect springboard from the flagships Nintendo Switch. It is definitely not a game for which we would have to buy the entire console, but it will be a perfect production for owners of a new handheld, looking for a bit of relaxation between consecutive games in Splatoon.

Review: Golf Story (Nintendo Switch)