Review: Hitman (PS4) – Episode 5: Colorado.

No more public places – the fifth episode of Hitman takes us to a farm in Colorado, where we find a lot of apricots and… hiding terrorists. Moreover, I distracted one of the guards with an apricot so that my target would be killed by invisible ants in peace. Okay, I was a part of it – but it’s mostly thanks to the ants and the apricots!

Forget about the civilian-filled boards we’ve seen in previous episodes. After a luxury hotel in Bangkok, Agent 47 was sent to the United States, where apricots are grown on a farm far away from civilization. However, if you look away from these delicious, majestic fruits, there is a chance to spot a small private army, including four specialists. And since we’re dealing with experts in all kinds of fields, it’d be fun to make this explosives guy… explode. Although, of course, this is only one of the many methods of getting rid of new targets.

Review: Hitman (PS4) – Episode 5: Colorado

The board is filled to the brim with soldiers, so there is no question of taking a leisurely stroll and learning about the map. A barn, an apricot plantation, a house with hackers – you have to choose the right outfit everywhere, which makes the reconnaissance a bit difficult. A great springboard from Italian streets or Thai hotels. Any weird behavior is immediately checked by at least a few guys with their rifles ready… which doesn’t mean we have a big shootout, of course.

The creators returned to interesting ideas for killing targets. The dark colors of the board are even depressing at first, especially if we compare it with the sunny Sapienza, but there are many funny murder-accidents. Crushing with a training ram, being crushed by a sheaf of hay, an explosive watch, looking for a convenient place by seedlings disguised as a scarecrow – a revelation. What’s more, the board is huge and practically everything is in the open air, so if at the sight of the water tower you immediately get the idea of ​​reaching for a sniper rifle – there has been no better opportunity for that. There is a special challenge for killing all four experts with a sniper rifle. Miracle, honey and ammunition scales .50.

Review: Hitman (PS4) – Episode 5: Colorado

Finally, I can write a little more in the plot paragraph. Exceptional short scenes from previous episodes start to fit together, and we have a reference to the rest of the series! Everything fits into the canon? We also learn more about the mysterious guest and his connections with our bald killer. For some reason, he knows Agent 47 and his capabilities well, a bit of a hitman Arkham Knight. This is the first time you can really get interested in the story being presented. Eventually.

Contracts have received pleasant changes – a developed search has appeared, where we can enter a title or choose the number of targets and the method of execution. I thought the loading times were fixed as well, but it’s just that the Colorado board loads faster than the rest. The “always online” problem also remains, but there is no point in complaining about it – it was decided so and it will stay that way forever. Keep this in mind when playing on a weak connection, as losing your connection will result in immediate kick from the game. An unpleasant thing.

Review: Hitman (PS4) – Episode 5: Colorado

A well-designed, extensive board is already the standard of the Hitman episode and the final in Japan, which closes the first season of the game, expects equally high quality. We will also be able to write a final review summarizing the entire game. Despite the controversy with the episode publishing model, an exceptionally solid production came out and if you were waiting for a “full experience” – a real feast awaits you soon.