Review: Infinite Minigolf (PS4 / VR).

You remember Planet Minigolf? The creators of this gem have created a new game and today they offer over 4,000 holes. The name obliges – here it is Infinite Minigolf!!

Infinite Minigolf is the spiritual heir of prior production Zen Studios with PS3 – Planet Minigolf. To this day, it’s hard to find something better in this (after all) casual genre, so I’m glad that this developer has decided to prepare something new. And although it’s still a simplified golf with power-ups and a level creator, the creators took a slightly different path than before. Fortunately, the risk has paid off, though you don’t see it right away.

The first moments of the game may throw away overly simplicity. Instead of a tutorial, we have 12 casual 9-hole tournaments to teach us the basics. You have to pass it all to choose anything more difficult, but the problem is that they reject them with their banality. Virtually every hole is counted with one stroke, most often without changing the starting position of the club. We don’t have many options, because only the direction and force of the impact. I didn’t expect minigolf to choose the right club, but at least I wanted to choose where to hit the ball or something. The simplification is intentional, however, because the whole strategy is elsewhere.

Review: Infinite Minigolf (PS4 / VR)

To see true beauty Infinite Minigolf, we have to get out of “casual” and go to higher levels of difficulty. This is where you start figuring out which power-up to take and when to use it, or whether to risk choosing a heavier but more crystal-rich path to the hole. When it comes to the boosters themselves, a really large selection has been prepared – apart from accelerating and jumping the ball, we can load it, stick it to the ground or even … control its deflection. Especially the latter leads to interesting and quite long levels prepared by players.

Exactly – player boards. In addition to four tournaments (on three difficulty levels) in each of the three worlds, we also have a simple level wizard. At the time of writing the review, the fans of the game have prepared almost 4.5 thousand holes! In the appropriate mode, the game selects them randomly, one by one. Often there are banal “one-strokes”, but even such ones should not be omitted, because for each hole we get special cards. Cards that have a whole system of rewards here.

Review: Infinite Minigolf (PS4 / VR)

We can choose a hero or a heroine. They look like a colorful Xbox avatar or something like that, and the items of clothing are unlocked through these cards. We can change everything – from hair and eye color, through T-shirts and pants, to a wristband or a ball. Only here can we use the obtained cards. For game cash, we can buy packages with these cards, so all the rewards for progress are aimed at dressing up.

However, simply completing the holes and looking for something interesting among the available boards would not attract players for long. The developer assumed that we need additional challenges, hence we have three random tasks that change and sets of a few more difficult ones, after completing them we enter the next level. This includes exceeding a certain score per hole, meeting the time limit, using a power-up or stopping the ball right next to the hole. There is a lot of it, and although they are repeated quite often (or not much different from the previous ones), it is precisely these small goals with prizes that can determine how long a small, simple in assumption production will take.

Review: Infinite Minigolf (PS4 / VR)

I must also mention the support for PlayStation VRbecause it does not change much in the game. You can only play on the pad (forget about Moves), and with more complex, longer holes, the camera does not follow the ball and the possible use of power-ups is difficult when we see it in the distance. As a result, we reset the position of the camera and miss the moment when we were to activate a boost. However, it is not particularly bothersome and it’s nice that such a VR option was thought of. Especially that in the goggles the game looks as good as on the TV screen.

Infinite Minigolf It’s very simplistic, but ultimately it does what it should – it captures the simple stuffing of balls with lots of variety and thousands of holes of players. The emphasis on dressing up does not have to suit everyone, but on the other hand – what else can you reward high places in tournaments? The ability to buy a more interesting stick or shoes works quite well. Nobody should be surprised that the online modes are empty, because in the case of such small games you have to make an appointment or count that they will add the game to the Plus offer. Ultimately, there is a local multiplayer if you do not want to fight the AI, and I have no complaints about it. Either way, the title does exactly what it should – a simple and engaging mini-golf entertainment. Enough.

Review: Infinite Minigolf (PS4 / VR)

The game was reviewed on PS4 Pro