Review: LEGO CITY: Secret Agent (PS4).

LEGO City: Secret Agent tries to prove that block games from Traveller’s Tales they do not owe their popularity only to known licenses. Forget Batman, Marvels and other Star Wars. It’s time to go on an adventure with original GTA-style characters!

LEGO City: Secret Agent It is easiest to call it a block GTA and although you don’t shoot too much here, and you certainly won’t kill anyone, the open structure of the city, expressive characters or the possibility of appropriating any car driving on the street evoke such associations. Nay, LEGO City combines block versions of famous locations from San Francisco and New York, so even parts of the map bring back memories from games Rockstar (unless you’ve been to these places, I compare to San Fierro there…). And since the password “LEGO GTA”We are behind us, I can now fully focus on my own identity of the reviewed title.

Review: LEGO CITY: Secret Agent (PS4)

Police officer Chase McCain returns to after years LEGO Citywhere he once captured the dangerous bandit Reks Fury. Unfortunately, the thug broke out of prison and again threatens citizens, including McCain’s beloved – Natalia. The seemingly simple story was not thrown into force and the entire investigation and the undercover gang investigation in the title can be interesting, and it also causes so many gags and references to popular movies (Dirty Harry, Glass Trap, Stuck with Shawshank whether Columbo, but also, among others Sherlock Holmes and The Matrix) that it is difficult to focus on events when laughing. Of course, this is typical Legoludian humor, which is cute jokes at the level of jokes in Donald Duck, but I believe that older movie lovers will laugh as often as kids. If you watched the recent LEGO Batman: The Movieyou know what I mean.

LEGO City: Secret Agent was released four years ago on Nintendo WiiU and on the one hand you can see the textures that differ from the LEGO versions released today (even The awakening of power whether Marvel Avengers), but on the other – no other shortcomings apart from the technical ones cannot be accused of. The open city is huge, missions, side quests or vehicle models have been prepared and, in accordance with the game scheme of this developer, you have to return to each mission with new characters to complete the whole in one hundred percent. So what if we don’t have hundreds of famous superheroes or a dozen Jedi knights here – original characters like Chase, the slutty Officer Honey and Commander Dunby have enough personalities of their own to not think about it. Which of course doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few hundred unlockable characters!

Review: LEGO CITY: Secret Agent (PS4)

The gameplay follows a proven pattern. We travel from mission to mission, where we solve simple puzzles, fight opponents in fairly easy battles and smash everything around to get the block currency. Like the “logic challenges”, combat is fairly simple here, but in LEGO games the challenge lies elsewhere – finding all the secrets on the board and racing your friend for points in co-op. Because, unlike the original from WiiU, cooperation is available here. Of course, there are still idiotic problems with winning trophies to both accounts, but the creators will probably never cope with this.

In addition to the boards assigned to the mission, the great open city is full of attractions and collectibles. At the beginning, we have access to a few of them, but over the course of the game we unlock new outfits that give additional skills, e.g. a miner can use a pickaxe to destroy stones and plant dynamite, a farmer can glide thanks to the hen raised above his head, and a robber can use a crowbar and open safes. Everything is quite logical here and you don’t have to wonder “why Captain America can’t open it, he’s also strong”.

Review: LEGO CITY: Secret Agent (PS4)

On the technical side, we get a steady 30fps with no drops (I played on PS4 Pro, but I don’t hear any complaints from standard console owners), and in closed rooms this number doubles. LEGO City: Secret Agent it is not ugly, but considering the graphics of this level, those 60 frames should be everywhere. The loading times are not very long (which was a big disadvantage of the original on WiiU), although here too I would see room for better optimization. The pop-up of objects is also annoying, although it mainly concerns passers-by and it did not disturb me in anything important.

There is one more aspect of the gameplay that I do not fully understand. As an open city game LEGO City: Secret Agent it contained a mass of various vehicles. In terms of cars, almost all controls are the same and are quite slow (even if we use nitro), and the driving model is as simplified as possible. So there is no tragedy, you can get to your destination, and the “time trials” are quite easy, but driving is not a strong element. The chases that happen from time to time do not cause problems due to the fact that the vehicle we are in is much more durable than all the others and it happens that the vehicles not only bounce off our car, but even fly away several meters away! What, however, annoys the most is running into some hump or curb that cannot be pulled down. The developer kind of thought about it and gave us a jump button … that allows us to jump in place and return to a hopeless position. The same is true when we turn the car on its side – the game suggests the possibility of a jump, but this one turns out to be useless. It is not common and it happens only outside the streets, I was also punished for such “off-road”, but if the creators are aware of the problem, why was it patched so senselessly? While driving, I can jump over the wall, but when I land on it, I can forget about the car.

Review: LEGO CITY: Secret Agent (PS4)

LEGO City: Secret Agent proves that the scheme known from their licensed games works without popular characters. We get a hilarious, attraction-rich sandbox that will appeal to every fan of LEGO games and more. Anyway – where else can you change from a combine harvester to a lunar rover, and then, riding bareback on a pig, reach the huge mech? The variety of tasks is huge, and monotony sometimes crept in in previous studio productions. Here we got a mix of all the elements that have worked well in games over the years Traveller’s Tales – and with Polish subtitles! However, if these games have always rejected you, you better let go, because it’s exactly the same, but more and better.

The game was reviewed on PS4 Pro