Review: LEGO® Harry Potter ™ Collection (PS4).

LEGO block games under someone else’s licenses do not slow down and are constantly evolving, but not all these changes turned out to be good. The Harry Potter remaster is reminiscent of the good old days of the series.

The LEGO® Harry Potter ™ Collection (PS4) includes two PS3 games – LEGO® Harry Potter ™: Years 1-4 (PS3) and LEGO® Harry Potter ™: Years 5-7 (PS3). They are based on the story of a young wizard (the one known from cinema), turning selected events into block-like platform levels. By the way, these were the last scenes that did not use cut dialogues straight from the movies, and were based on cutscenes with a hilarious pantomime. And a return to that would be worth all the money, especially since even the youngest should get a handle on history. But here is also the biggest problem of the remaster – the Polish language version was not thought of. There are not many tips displayed on the screen, and that is really all that would have to be translated. Great Albus, Years 5-7 on PS3 were in Polish! Scandal!

Review: LEGO® Harry Potter ™ Collection (PS4)

However, it’s hard to be angry when we hear the movie’s theme and at the outset, the first cutscenes will remind you of the charming humor of the legends. Each such scene made me immediately recall the original with PS3, but also movies and books, also on nostalgia play here perfectly. In the game itself, you do not feel the archaisms of the series, but sometimes a strange camera set or tedious spell selection in Years 1-4 can be felt. Here’s another glitch – in Years 5-7 the latter aspect was fixed, but was the new spellcasting system implemented in the refreshed predecessor? How come! This is just a head-on remaster.

But it’s not like they didn’t add anything in this “refreshed” version. The DualShock 4 loudspeaker was used, in which we hear looped moans of a student in trouble. There is one that can be saved on each board, but sometimes we can do it only when re-leveling the level with other characters. And so all the time we listen to the wail of a little who we can’t free anyway. It was not raining without mute. Another novelty is hiding the entire HUD … except that we still have to change spells and without it, it is impossible to quickly choose the spell we are interested in. Amazing accessories, there is no point. At least the nice screenshots come out.

Review: LEGO® Harry Potter ™ Collection (PS4)


The trophy lists for both games are practically the same, with one exception – the bronze Idling was removed in Years 5-7, which had to be put aside for 5 minutes. It was also not ensured that the trophies fell on the accounts of both players while playing in cooperation. Because why …

Review: LEGO® Harry Potter ™ Collection (PS4)

As it happens in “complete collections”, in addition to games, we also got a DLC package. Honestly, I had no idea any add-ons were available. So we have some pre-order dumplings for Years 5-7, which were then turned into an “add-on package” with a few bonus characters to choose from (including the four founders of Hogwarts or Ron-ghoul) … because more than 200 legoludes from the base are apparently not enough. What else? A couple of spells to turn a co-player into a duck or make a giant tentacle grow in the place of his head. Good side to side, so funny. But let it be.

These games seem to have been refreshed, but the brick graphics do not get old anyway, at most you can notice that it is smoother than before. Much smoother. I also think that all the colors are more vivid, but apart from that, there was simply nothing to tweak. So we have “only” 1080p at 60 frames per second. So much.

Review: LEGO® Harry Potter ™ Collection (PS4)

LEGO® Harry Potter ™ Collection (PS4) is the first remaster of the LEGO game and you can see that it was made quickly, without an idea. The games were practically not touched, the Polish 5-7 Polish language was not thought of, and the additional features on PS4 are completely useless. These are still sensational scenes, but the refresh itself was poor. It can be a good proposition for people who have not had the opportunity to play these games, but regret the Polish version.