Review: Lichtspeer (PS4).

Ancient Germanic deities are bored, which does not bode well. Fortunately, our protagonist knows how to entertain them. All it needs is a powerful throwing weapon and an army of enemies to kill.

Usually, at the beginning of the review, I try to describe the background of the game, but as this time I managed to put the whole story in the introduction, I will go straight to the atmosphere and main assumptions of Lichtspeer (PS4). Unfortunately, the developers used often duplicated schemes and did not try to come up with anything original. How many times have we led an ancient Germanic hero wielding a futuristic laser spear who, with a brave shout on his lips, killed monsters of Norse mythology dressed as hipsters and seals on skateboards?

Review: Lichtspeer (PS4)

Yes. Lichtspeer (PS4) is a crazy and strange production, but it in no way detracts from its well-prepared gameplay system. The whole thing seems very simple – our hero only has a spear and a few skills at his disposal. The protagonist cannot move while standing still, so the control is limited to the selection of the projectile’s flight path. To hit, we have to use the basic rules of ballistics, because the spear loses momentum after some time and begins to fall. Most of the opponents die after one headshot, and for each kill, we get points depending on the length of the kill series and how strong our opponent was.

We are supported in combat by abilities that can be divided into three types: offensive, protective and the most powerful über powers. In order to improve and buy new skills, we need to spend the points we have collected, so the better we are, the more powerful our character becomes. The development is very important as Lichtspeer (PS4) quickly turns out to be a really difficult game. It requires precise aiming, perceptiveness, quick reaction and even faster decision-making. It has its charm, but long sessions can be quite tiring.

Review: Lichtspeer (PS4)

At the beginning of the review, I mentioned that we will be fighting some really amazing opponents, although it must be added that each of them behaves differently, and working out their moves is necessary to have any chance of passing the stage. The battles with bosses are similar, but during them our special abilities are turned off and we are only reliant on our powerful spear. Added to this is monotony, because although each type of opponent is significantly different from the rest, there are few of them. We also quickly unlock the most powerful skills, which makes using others unprofitable, and the gameplay does not in any way evolve with our progress.

The sound of the game caused me a very ambivalent feeling. On the one hand, some stages have great electronic background music which fits well with the vibe and encourages one more try to beat the stage (Hotline Miami fans know what I mean) but the rest of the tracks turned out to be too calm and slow which is totally does not match the dynamics of the game.

Review: Lichtspeer (PS4)

As for the graphics, I won’t tell you much more than what you can see in the screenshots. It is transparent, which is very important in games of this genre, and the design of enemies and bosses is really great. Not everyone will like the LicLichtspeer (PS4) atmosphere, but the gameplay itself is satisfying, demanding and well prepared. Unfortunately, this title quickly becomes monotonous and is not suitable for longer meetings.