Review: Little Nightmares (PS4) – The Depths DLC.

Little Nightmares let us know the terrifying story of a girl named Six. Thanks to the first story expansion, we can play the role of a little boy and get to know this dark story from his perspective. We check if it’s worth it.

Little Nightmares received the first story expansion, the action of which is set in parallel with the beginning of the actual game. We play the role of a little boy who goes to the Depths of the Maw and we try to help him get out of this terrifying place. And while the storyline of the base game looks really great, “The Depths” doesn’t even have to spread their wings. The boy’s story ends very quickly, but nevertheless completes the story from the stand. It took me about an hour to complete the supplement on the first try.

The “Depths” expansion for Little Nightmares slightly changes the nature of the game. Instead of traversing locations at high altitudes, we move mostly in flooded rooms. Our task is to move in such a way as to stay in the water as short as possible. Otherwise, we will be caught by the creature lurking beneath its surface. So we move from one floating object to the next. The moments mentioned are exciting. More than once, I felt tense during subsequent attempts, when I saw that the filthy hands were slowly approaching. It is worth noting here that although we get to the next item, it does not mean that the danger has been averted – the monster hits it, trying to throw us off. In addition to similar arcade moments, there are also simple puzzles – in my opinion much simpler than those from the base.

Review: Little Nightmares (PS4) – The Depths DLC

Another thing is the atmosphere that remains as great as in the base game. It is much darker in “Głębiny” than in Little Nightmaresbut only at the beginning. Soon our hero receives a flashlight that makes it much easier to move around. The high-level sound system influences the feeling of traversing dark locations. In the background there are disturbing screams, and most of the time we are accompanied by heavy ambient, which would not be ashamed of a top-shelf horror movie like Silent Hill 2. There aren’t as many disgusting locations here as in the story of little Six, but that’s only because of the setting of the action. Of course, the graphics level has not changed in any way. It still looks great, reminiscent of Tim Burton’s work. However, I noticed small drops in animation and slight graphic errors – it happened that a texture would sometimes flash. The character model responds appropriately to the environment and, for example, after leaving the water, drops from the boy’s hair and clothes are visible.

So it remains to answer the question of whether it is worth reaching for the extension of “Głębiny” to Little Nightmares. The answer is simple: at such a low price (PLN 16.50), of course it is. Especially if you are hungry after doing everything in the stand. The fun time is short, and it would probably be better to spend the DLC as part of a longer expansion. However, this does not change the fact that I had a lot of fun and would be happy to spend more time getting all the trophies. The DLC has introduced three new ones – bronze for completing the story, silver for finding all the secrets and gold for passing without dying.

Review: Little Nightmares (PS4) – The Depths DLC