Review: Loot Rascals (PS4).

Space journey and randomly generated planet surface – explorer’s paradise. Be careful, however, when a stubborn and hungry for loot Zawadiak stands on your way. Will you be able to face the threats and complete the mission?

Loot Rascals is a small production combining elements of a “croissant” and a logical game, characteristic of portable platforms rather than stationary consoles. We play the role of an astronaut who, while on a space mission, is forced to make an emergency landing on an unknown, dangerous planet. There is, of course, some background to the plot, but it doesn’t offer anything interesting enough to dwell on. The only interesting theme is a tentacle monster, supposedly from a different reality, bringing us back to life in the event of death, because it loves how we murder the title Zawadiaków (Rascal). We also got some humorous moments, and that’s all that’s worth attention in this topic.

Review: Loot Rascals (PS4)

The gameplay is certainly not complicated. We travel through successive randomly generated boards to find a way out of them. Although we have only a few of them, it is hardly a disadvantage, since their arrangement changes each time. The environment reveals itself with our movements, so be careful, because suddenly a dangerous Rascal may pop out. Blows are exchanged automatically, and by winning, we can receive special Cards. Here we come to the second part of the game, which is the proper management of Cards, increasing our attack and defense. Carefully taking your steps, juggling your deck, and choosing your skills correctly are the key to victory.

The passing turns and times of the day also make situations difficult, forcing us to be in an aggressive play mode. Too long delay draws Lord Death to our head, while the times of the day affect the behavior of Zawadiaków, whom it is better to attack when they defend themselves, so as not to get hit themselves. Unfortunately, the fun of combining is spoiled by too much randomness, so we often repeat the game many times, especially at the beginning of the adventure, when we are scoring and happy, we suddenly face a stronger opponent. I admit that the game is even fun for several minutes (especially if we win), but later frequent deaths start to frustrate, because death due to your own mistake can be overcome, but due to lack of luck – somehow not really.

Review: Loot Rascals (PS4)

Despite the constant connection with the Internet, online fun does not offer much. You can take a ranked challenge once a day and that’s it. There is also a mechanism for Rascal to steal our best Cards after death, moving them to where the other player is. We can also find this type of find and return it to the owner to get his help, or to keep it, risking a conflict with this player. An interesting idea, but it’s a pity that it hasn’t been developed into something more meaningful. Unfortunately, the game does not provide for any other interaction between players.

From the graphic side, the production looks quite good and catches the eye. The slightly caricatured, as if cut out of paper figures and the surroundings in pastel colors bring to mind a simple but visually pleasing television cartoon. The game may be associated with such a title as Hohokum. Personally, I would like a greater variety of avatars than just the two available, even though the young Negro girl I chose attracts attention. The fairy-tale atmosphere is also emphasized by the music that is pleasing to the ears.

Review: Loot Rascals (PS4)

Despite the interesting graphics and playing with Cards, Loot Rascals is a fairly average title. He can have fun, but more often irritated, but if someone loves casual “croissants”, he can give the game a chance for a symbolic five minutes.